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Thread: Morotai Island

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    Morotai Island

    Morotai Island is the most northerly island in Indonesia. located in district of North Halmahera, North Maluku province. Morotai has an area of 1750 km2.

    The beaches around Morotai island has white sand and clear water. Seabed can be seen clearly from the water surface. Ocean Gangga scattered around the beaches base and the various types of fish live here which adds to the beauty of the sea at Morotai.

    Morotai Hotel

    Exotic Tourism – The activities are mostly done on the Morotai beach is diving and snorkeling. Travelers would not have closed his eyes when enjoying in the Morotai underwater panorama. The plan, each year will be held the event, named SAIL Morotai.

    In the vicinity of the island of Morotai there are also many small islands, such as Dodolayang island whose the beauty no less when compared with the tourist islands in the Thousand Islands.

    Morotai Island included the island which has a history. Marked by the former relics of World War 2 as caves and forts.

    Morotai Island can be achieved through three channels, namely:

    1. From Ternate to Morotai by using sea vessels taken within 11 hours.

    2. From Ternate to Sofifi by using a fast boat taken within 1 hour and then proceed by car to Tobelo are taken within 4.5 hours.

    3. By using air transportation from the Babullah airport, Ternate toward Galela then Morotai taken within 40 minutes.

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    Photo by: indoflick.com

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    Video by: 23journeys
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    nice beach to swim.. look great.

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