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    Tumbilotohe Tradition Gorontalo

    Culture and Tourism Religious Tourism, Tradition Tumbilotohe (Lamp Post) in Gorontalo is a sign of the holy month of Ramadan will end. This tradition is carried on at 3 last night before the Eid al-Fitr.Installation of lights at the start of the sunset until dawn. That said, this tradition has been going on since the XV century. At that time the lights are still made from mashed wamuta or sheath and sharpened, then burned. This lighting tool called wango - wango. In the following years, lighting equipment began using tohetutu sap or resin which is a kind of solid that will light up long enough when burned. Growing again by using lights that use of the cotton wick and oil palm, using containers such as clams, a type of shellfish, and papaya are cut in two, and called padamala.

    Along with the times, then the material for lighting lamps replaced kerosene until now. Even for the more animate this tradition is often added to the thousands of electric lights. In the year 2007 ago, the tradition of this go tumbilotohe Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), because five million lights brighten the face of this tradition and menghiasai Gorontalo city.
    Tumbilotohe, pateya tohe ... ta lo mohile jakati bubohe popatii ... .. Sentence of this poem often recited by the children - children at the time of installation of lighting tradition began. Cultural heredity is the scene of the entertainment community. Tumbilotohe night really - really busy, can be said of the busiest festival in Gorontalo. Especially if the race was held between villages or districts, if there are aerial photographs, you can see the glowing light of Gorontalo.

    When tradition tumbilotohe in the title, the Gorontalo so brightly lit, there's hardly a dark corner of the city. Tohe tumbilo sparkling lantern tradition that hangs on a frame - wood frame is decorated with yellow coconut or known by the name Alikusu (ornaments made of young coconut leaves) adorn Gorontalo city. Above the hanging skeleton on a number of banana and sugar cane as a symbol of prosperity and glory as a symbol of hospitality to welcome the Eid al-Fitr.
    The tradition of lighting the kerosene lamps at the end of Ramadan in Gorontalo, is believed to be thick with religious values. In every celebration of this tradition, the society voluntarily turned on the lights and providing kerosene on their own without government subsidies. Extensive clearing and rice fields in various formations of the beacon for forming images of mosques, Koran, and the calligraphy is very beautiful and fascinating. Tradition tumbilitohe also interesting when people gorontalo starts sounding bamboo cannon or attractions Daw Oo Pagoda and drum festivals.

    Tumbilotohe is one of the cultural richness that deserves developed in Gorontalo. Therefore, the tradition continues to be preserved by the citizens tumbilotohe Gorontalo today. Many potential of Tumbilotohe, one of which can suck up the tour to visit Gorontalo area, because Tumbilotohe tradition not found in any area in the Homeland. Although the area - the area neighboring province of Gorontalo also helped carry it out as the northern region (Bolmut) known by the name Maninjulo Lambu and south (Bolsel) known by the name Sumpilo Soga, but the splendor is uneven, as there is in the province of Gorontalo.
    This tradition is also getting a response from the Ministry of Culture and Pariwisara Republic Indondesia (Kemenbudpar RI). Kemenbudpar provide full support for this religious event into the world tourism agenda in Gorontalo ahead of Eid Fitri, will ensure even more loyal to the whole world, so that Gorontalo became the center of attention of world travelers.

    source: welcometomyindonesia.blogspot.com

    Photo by: welcometomyindonesia.blogspot

    Photo by: welcometomyindonesia.blogspot

    Video by: hulontalangi
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