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Thread: Maengket Dance

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    Maengket Dance

    Maengket is a dance drama as a culture from North Sulawesi. Formerly, it used at Traditional Ceremony, as a joyful expression when the people successed in rice harvest at many years ago. The dance is often performed on important occasions welcoming prominent visitors, as a prelude to competitions, or during local festivals. Maengket is accompanied by spirited harmonic songs in the form of Minahasan communal work.

    This kind of North Sulawesi’s culture actually a variety of modernized and secularized dances consisting of three parts, Makamberu depicting the harvest time and in some parts of its choreography tell about romantic love poems; Marambak celebrating the building of a new house and passing on traditional values; Mah'laya is usually humorous and is generally full of merriment. Maengket DanceMaengket is a traditional dance that originated from Minahasa (Manado), where since time immemorial to this day is still growing.

    source: northsulawesi-tourism.blogspot.com

    Photo by: gambar.mitrasites.com

    Photo by: my-triond.blogspot.com

    Photo by: duchithlearnphotography.wordpress.com

    Video by: MrMichaelpitoy
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