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    Manado porridge Special

    FROM the northern tip of Sulawesi island, he is famous confectionary, Manado porridge. This delicious porridge can also be found in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

    Kak Ria from Banta-Bantaeng, Manado porridge peracik be recommended as a typical dish taste. Alloy ornaments in the style of Sister Ria Manado porridge consisting of boiled corn kernels are combed, diced sweet potatoes, leaf spinach, and pumpkin.

    Meanwhile, bubuhan lauknya is fried dried fish of various kinds of small fish like anchovies until a few big fish. A perfect blend when applied to a teaspoon of chili paste.

    "The material is so ditanak rice porridge mixed with other ingredients. To be added more delicious chili paste.

    According to Kak Ria, Manado Porridge is good to eat while warm. When conditions are a little cooler, you should re-heated. The warmth was so shades of its own pleasure.

    Legal sense of enjoyment had tasted integrated Manado porridge taste like savory porridge percampurbauran chili paste with spiciness. Glimmer of sweetness from diced sweet potato and pumpkin. Overlaid fresh spinach leaves and dried anchovies fried crisp.

    source: ceritamu.com

    Photo by: Luciana Adriyanto

    Photo by: indonesiakaya.com

    Photo by: travel.detik.com

    Video by: videoresep
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