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Thread: Linow Lake

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    Linow Lake

    Linow Lake is located in the southern of Tomohon, the City of Flowers in North Sulawesi. It is about 10 Km from downtown of Tomohon and 35 Km from Manado, the capital. It is situated in the middle of the woods at the eastern side of Lahendong village and western side of the geothermal sites. The atmosphere on the lake is usually very calm. We can occasionally see herons or egrets as well as wild ducks flying over the small rippling waves. Situated also on an altitude of 736 meter above sea level, the air temperature around this lake is very fresh.

    There are two places where people can hang around. The first place is the public area, this place is very good for those who prefer something free. There are several shelters and snack vendors where visitor can spoil their eyes with something. The second one is a private area that needs tickets or entrance fees to enter. However this private area serve such facility to spoil the lake visitors with conveniences. There are cafe and shelters at the park where can we enjoy the beautiful scenery over the lake while sitting and enjoying the breeze of the wind.

    source: flowerslane.com

    Photo by: der Willy

    Video by: myszurka
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    very good place to relax. how about transport.. i hope easy go there

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