Tourist destinations in Tanah Toraja is now not only popular with the natural attractions and its unique culture alone. After the tour 'State in the Clouds', this time a new destination that beginning to attract attention of tourists are sandbanks of Toraja. The contours of the hill has become a tourist attraction that offers a different atmosphere. No wonder if this tourism is becoming one of the trends for selfie pictures taken by tourists, especially on holidays.

Sandbanks tourism is not only found in Yogyakarta, but also in Lembang Rantebua Sumalu, Buntu Rondo District, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi. This sandbanks tourism is now starting to become a tourist attraction that offers a different atmosphere. This charming and exotic sandbanks has become popular among the Toraja people and tourists, both local and from outside area. This sandbanks that people call "Pabuiyan" offers thrill selfie photo with background of sand dunes.

Being in this location feels like being in the desert with amazing sand dunes contour of the eye. Not only that, visitors can also feel the sensation of sliding on the sand dunes. Tiring journey before arriving at the location has been along the road with a distance of approximately 25 kilometers and has taken an hour to the sandbanks. But the tiring journey is seemed paid by a beautiful panorama. Pabuiyan Sandbanks also offer natural phenomena sunrise very exotic and natural panorama of Toraja that make us forget the fatigue for at least six days busy with activity.

No wonder if the charm of this new tourist attraction in Toraja is now discussed rampant in the virtual world like facebook. Even, visitors from outside take time to come and see the natural charm of the sand dunes. Pabuiyan Sandbanks is newly discovered approximately less than two weeks that already of nearly thousands of visitors every day. Visitors do not hesitate to stay to enjoy the sunrise in a place that has truly made a special attraction to the sand dunes that seemed to whisper when buffeted by a gust of wind rustling. Not a few visitors who hope that the charm of this nature continue to be developed by the local government and used as a new tourist attraction to the next, thus becoming one of the attractive destinations for foreign tourists.

In the edge of Pabuiyan Sandbanks, local residents here also sell variety of snacks for relieving tired. So, the visitors should not be afraid to look for variety of snacks because local residents open small stalls for the visitors.

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