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    Balangan Beach, Bali - Indonesia

    Balangan beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Authenticity parlors and still natural beach is still very awake, really amazing because it is different from other beaches that halted many
    concrete buildings.

    The location is very easy to reach because it is located in the beautiful coastal line in the area yanti Uluwatu Bali. If from Kuta, Jimbaran and then headed towards the region climbed to Bukit Uluwatu.
    Then follow the road that leads Tourism objects Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Then pass the road leading Balangan beach about 5 km, Beach Heaven Balangan will look. Itís easy to find this place because in the
    famous tourist area. This area is less known because it is hidden among the towering cliffs. But do not ever miss this beautiful beach.

    Balangan beach is a beach paradise, with exotic white sand beaches and the soothing air swing. Shoreline dotted line of amazing coral and exotic. Still too many starfish that hdup among coral loose, really
    natural scenery.

    In addition the beach is also commonly used as a venue for surfing the surfer who want to compete ferociously ocean waves. High tide is usually about 3-5 feet, ideal for surfing fun, undulating with the waves. There were no glitzy and noisy cafes, just a few small inns and restaurants, this makes it natural beach.

    Let us enjoy the original Beach Balangan and feel the soothing waves. Also surfing beach waves ria ramahnya Balangan. make sure you come home with thousands of sweet memories.

    Source: besttraveltourism.com

    Photo: myeggnoodles.com

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