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    Sebuku Island, Lampung

    For those wishing to take a longer, closer look at the magnificent Krakatau, the islands of sebesi and Sebuku are the closests inhabited islands, providing other attraction such as swimming, diving and hiking for sun seekers.
    Mt. Sebesi takes up most of Sebesi island, covering an area of 16 square kms. "On the island is an extensive coconut palm planting area for producing copra". Cake, a primary product for cooking oil. Sebesi is conected to the main land by a morning and afternoon boat service that takes one hour to reach the island from Canti beach.
    Cottages are available for visitors as well as motor bike which can be hired to explore the island.
    The southern part of the island is reserved for wild boar hunting. Sebuku island is the closer to Canti. Small villages line the island in front of the narrow strait between Sebuku and Sebuku Lunik. This enchanted sleepy little island is an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling or simply up the sun.

    source: tourism-mpu.com

    Photo by: beingindonesian.com

    Photo by: flickr.com

    Photo by: chocholate-yummy.blogspot.com

    Video by: yudiyuda
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    Nice information and also nice photography.
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