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    Tanjung Tinggi Beach - Bangka Belitung

    Indonesia has so many beautiful tourist destinations, one of which often visited by foreign and local tourists are Tanjung Tinggi Bangka-Belitung.
    Tanjung Tinggi is a beach that is flanked by two peninsulas. These beaches have unique white sands, that are because hundreds of huge granite stones scattered in the peninsula and also in the sea in front of the beach. The granite size differs from a few hundreds of cubic meters to more than a building of houses. You can ride, walk and jump between the granite to enjoy the exclusive view from every corner of your feet. Form of the large stones were also unique, some formed caves, which can be sheltered during the rain. The stones were piled up one to another, formed an interesting object.

    The stones are laid on the white sand. You can walk on the white sand between the rocks and clear sea water. You may see white sand anywhere along the coast. Children will love to play there. Because the waves are not large, clear sea water with the surface of the sandy sea bottom, the kids will really like playing on the beach. You do not need to worry about shark attacks, because it never happened in Belitung. The only thing you need to watch out is jellyfish, especially the large.

    Tanjung Tinggi is also called the Bilik Harbor. This place used to be the first fishing port for the villager nearby Keciput or Tanjung Tinggi. There are at least twenty simple seafood restaurants along the beach. This is the place for you to rest for a while, drank coffee or ordering lunch. The main menu is seafood. Just do not expect you to get the same class of service in the mall restaurants. They're just ordinary people from the village who opened a simple restaurant. But don’t worry, the people there are always friendly to all guests, just like most people of Indonesia.

    Believe me, once you get there, you won’t wait to run to the beach and feel the soft white sand with waves gently swept the coast. You will walk along the beach, and out of curiosity, you will lead granite boulders and jump, starts the adventure with granite rocks among, or walking among big rocks. The more you are around the corners of the beach, the more ability to see the beauty of this beach panorama. Total length of the beach about 1.2km, but you can walk further along the beach because the white sand still remains.

    source: higherground-template.blogspot.com

    Photo by: pantai.org

    Video by: TheOktrin
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