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    Saumlaki: Gateway to the islands Tanimbar

    Saumlaki has some beautiful beaches one of which is beach Weluan having clear water and fine sand.

    Here are some other places that can inspire you when visiting this island.

    Olilit village which lies to the airport Olilit have a building of Christ the King. This building is a major pilgrimage site in Yamdena umatKatolik. Christian Travel is located on a hill with a large statue and a comfortable atmosphere for prayer.

    On the road to the village of Olilit, you can rotate the direction of the coast and beach Weluan will find a clean and peaceful, so worth a visit.
    You can rent a boat on the beach Weluan for bebepa toward an island with unique rock formations on the edge of sweet silent shores.
    Tumbur village on the southwest coast Yamdena worth your visit. Residents of this village carved out of wood as their main profession. Find out artistic differences about modern wood carving, wood carving medieval, and ancient wood carvings.

    The best thing probably is offered Yamdena megalithic rock formations in Sangliat Dol. Right in the center of the village there is a boat-shaped rocks and you can also climb a stone staircase that leads to the other boat-shaped rocks.
    About 12 kilometers from Sangliat Dol, there are several boat-shaped rocks, but with different formations. You can find it in the Village Arui Chapter.

    Source: indonesia.travel

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