Visiting to Tomohon city, is incomplete if it did not come to Rurukan. Rurukan consists of two villages, the Village Rurukan and Rurukan One, which is included in the administrative district of East Tomohon. With an area of ​​more than 500 km2, is famous Rurukan mayurnya vegetable plantations.

Situated in the heights, the foot of Mount Mahawu, Rurukan very cool air. No wonder, at times a thick mist came suddenly enveloped all areas. If you want to come to enjoy the sunrise, do not forget to wear heavy clothing or jacket. Biting cold welcoming.

Rurukan very easily reached from Manado. Is only about 1 hour travel time by motor vehicles. Once entering Rurukan, we have been greeted with a stretch of garden traditionally managed farms. Beds of plants shaped terraces add to the beauty of the landscape are presented.

Were in-road to the crater of Mount Mahawu, we can take a break while enjoying the activities of local residents who are processing the crop plantation. In addition to vegetable crops, there is also a colorful flower plantations. As known, the city Tomohon a major supplier of commodities of interest in North Sulawesi.

Bukit Temboan

Enjoying ecotourism in Rurukan, is incomplete if it did not continue the journey to Mount Temboan. Come to this hill before dawn, and enjoy the sun rises from behind the mountain. Temboan hill at an altitude, we can see very clearly Tondano the lake, Bitung the harbor, Mount Klabat even Lembeh Strait.


For hunters landscape photo, Bukit Temboan a strategic location to wait for sunrise. After that, a stretch of morning sunlight on the hills real estate overlooks the beautiful green and perpetuated.

There is a building constructed of wood of coconut trees. Buildings managed by local community groups are building a comfortable haven. Enjoy coffee and fried bananas as a complementary way. Around the Hill Temboan, there is also a strawberry farm and farm rabbits.

Rurukan is a natural tourist destination choice, easily accessible and inexpensive. Transportation costs to Manado - Tomohon Rp. 6000. Of terminal Tomohon Faithful, we can ride microbus fare, Rp. Rurukan 3,500 to the village, with a travel time of less than 15 minutes. If the Hill Temboan we can hire a motorcycle taxi with a fare of Rp. 10,000.