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    The Beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok

    The waves rolled over and over again, chasing each other never looked like desperate to carve out chunks of rock. Meanwhile, the white foam is dispersed, such as reaching out, took a swim white sands of Kuta beach.

    Blue water mixed with white sand beaches, making the landscape around it like a painting of nature that lay in front of my eyes. As for chunks of rock on one side of the beach, the more complete the harmony of the natural surroundings.

    Kuta Beach is one of the flagship tourist attraction on the island of Lombok. The beach is facing "South Sea" is located in the area of Kuta Village, Central Lombok District.

    The distance between the city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara provincial capital, with Kuta Beach about 70 kilometers, or one hour driving four-wheeled motor vehicles.

    Although the distance is not too far away, but to reach the tourist attractions we need a patience. Because, in addition to the winding roads and not too wide, the flow of traffic on that route is also quite solid.

    Moreover, along the way from Mataram to Kuta, sometime first tourists were treated to cultural attractions "nyongkolan".

    Nyongkolan is customary ceremony took prospective bride. With Sasak traditional dress, old and young, they walked or drove, behind the bride to be wed.

    Thus, the atmosphere at a number of the more visible street lively, because the procession bride there is also a group art dynamic rhythmic drums “Gendang Belek”, and some of accompanist was dancing.

    In fact, the way to Kuta Beach could have delayed a moment, if tourists want to witness the construction of Lombok International Airport (BIL), or paused in the "Village Tourism" in Dusun Sade, Rambitan Village, Pujut District.

    BIL Slangit built in Hamlet, Village Tanak Awu, Central Lombok District. Airport later will replace Selaparang Airport, Mataram, which is operated today. While in "Village Tourism", tourists can see traditional houses in a complex inhabited by a number of Familes of Sasak people.

    In comparison, Kuta Beach in Bali with Kuta Beach in Lombok Island, each has its own peculiarities.

    Kuta Beach in Bali is near the center of town, while Kuta beach in Lombok Island is relatively far from the city. In the area of Kuta Beach Bali was built and visited by many tourists and foreign domestic, while Kuta beach in Lombok Island is far from the city center and is still considered relatively quiet tourists.

    Kuta beach in Lombok Island in a bay that is not too long in the southern island of Lombok. This tourism object is about 25 kilometers from the City of Praya, Central Lombok.

    The countryside at Kuta Beach in Lombok Island, is still very strong. To see many of traditional houses of Sasak (Lombok Island’s native communities) which was unique was simple and easy to find in this area. Sasak communities who live around Kuta beach in Lombok Island living from farming, livestock breeding, fishing and a woven fabric, is coloring the rhythm of life in this region.

    In fact, food stalls, cafes and shop everyday needs and Lombok acceccories far from the modern sense, is also still seen a lot lined up along the coast almost.

    Classified as a luxury building in the region perhaps only Hotel Novotel. Although classified as a luxury, the hotel’s spacious enough even built with traditional Sasak architecture as well.

    It is said that humility is precisely one of Kuta Beach attraction for tourists visited. A natural and beautiful, not much untouched by human hands, offering exotic.

    "In my observation to Kuta beach in Lombok is much more appealing than the Kuta Beach in Bali," so in the travel notes Yusril Ihza Mahendra on March 2008. This man was often travelled and enjoyed the beauty of Kuta’s beach.

    Kuta beach in Lombok is also known for the Pepper Coast. The reason, according to locals, this beach is known as the yellow-white sand like grains of pepper.

    Pepper-shaped grains of sand that if trodden on, the foot was submerged, removed hard to move. "Because that’s not uncommon for tourists visiting Kuta Beach took it for a souvenir," said Chandra Himawan, a domestic tourist from Jakarta.

    Besides playing on the white sandy beach, in the tourist visitors can sunbathe and swim at the seaside, because the water is quite shallow. Visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the waters, can rent a boat, while you want to surf some that rent surfboards .

    Visiting the Kuta Beach are likely to feel very special moment in a place that held a ceremony "Bau Nyale" or ceremony to catch sea worms to be eaten.

    Kuta beach visitors during a ceremony held on "The smell Nyale" very much, can reach tens of thousands. The beach is so beautiful it will be closed sea of people.

    The ceremony of “Bau Nyale” was arrested on 20 months of the tenth. Sasak early years marked by the rising star "Rowot" (natural signs associated with agriculture), which according to the calculation of unity in Sasak tribe began on May 25 and the age of each month is calculated 30 days.

    When compared with the solar year, differ little difference in the cycle or the tenth month that ranged in February.

    According to local elders, who want to Nyale arrested is believed to be the incarnation of the Mandalika Princess hundreds of years ago chose plunged into the South Sea island of Lombok when trouble choosing one of three princes who were eager to marry her.

    It is said that once upon a time there was a kingdom Seger led by King Seg (Seger) a wise and prudent with Lale Empress Yellow Feather (Yellow Lining) and have a beautiful daughter who as a child was nicknamed "Bear Tunjung" (newly emerging).

    Stepping up the princess’s beauty continued to appear and the name was changed to Princess Sarah Wulan (daughter who has a light loveliness). Her beauty had attracted some Prince (crown prince) of Prince Rembitan Arya, Arya Bumbang Prince and Prince of Johor.

    The third prince then proposed to her and all three were accepted to appear confused. If one prince was choosen, would cause envy to happen mala disastrous civil war or the disaster for the people.

    After getting inspiration through her dreams, the princess finally decided to throw herselves into the sea Lombok’s south coast, on the tenth year 20 months Sasak. However, before doing the act he first announced her decision to three Prince and the people.

    Since then Princess Sarah Wulan Mandalika Princess named Manda meaning of confused or uncertain and Lika means the deed. So, Mandalika is trapped and confused actions.

    The story is more likely to belong to this legend is still alive in the memories Sasak people, especially residents around the Kuta Beach, Lombok, NTB.

    source: scbsradiolombok.wordpress.com

    Photo by: Sharkchic

    Photo by: Sharkchic

    Photo by: petersadventures.wordpress.com

    Photo by: escaperience.net

    Kuta Beach Lombok Map

    Kuta Beach Lombok Video

    Video by: ocir
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