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Thread: Likupang beach

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    Likupang beach

    Likupang beach - Bitung - North Sulawesi, a very famous tourist obek with its natural beauty with the charm of a cozy beach and had a scene, found the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) are very rare.

    likupangBersantai the beach of fine white sand beaches and clean, Diving and snorkeling can be done at this beach or continue travel on Bangka Island Marine Park, 30 minutes by motor boat or other kepantai Balubu Likupang ie, Lihaga, Masabora, Sahaung and Pulisang

    Coastal locations Likupang in 48 km from Manado city, precisely in Likupang District, Northern District Bitung Most North Sulawesi.

    Source: travel.okezone.com

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