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    Climb Mount Mahawu in Tomohon

    Mahawu mountain has a height of 3333 meters above sea level. If you want to climb it, you better do it in the morning around 8 or 9 as well as a better fit when the weather's no rain. Also bring drinks or food supplies because there is no shop or store at the foot of this mountain. The foot of Mount Mahawu region is a stretch of the vegetable garden that looks beautiful with lettuce, cabbage and other crops.

    Mahawu mountain is a volcano stratovolcano located in the east of the volcano Mount-Mount Lokon Empung in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Mount Mahawu has a width of 180 m and 140 m deep crater with two pyroclastic cones on the northern slope. Dit small eruption occurred in 1789. Explosion occurred in 1994 fumaroles and mud geyser activity that occurs along the crater lake of greenish color

    Source: wisata.kompasiana.com

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