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    Kuningan Day, Bali

    Kuningan Day is another biggest holiday for Balinese Hindu which is usually commemorated every 6 months after Galungan Day. Kuningan Day is commemorate every Saturday, Wuku Kuningan and Balinese Hindu does the ceremony in their own family temple and other temples around the village.

    Worshippers express their gratitude through prayer and offerings to the trinity of Gods for the ultimate gift of life. At Kuningan the arched bamboo poles referred to as as penjor, which are erected in front of each Balinese home compound during the religious festivities, are redecorated. White cloth is replaced with yellow cloth at the base of the penjor’s temporary shrine as an indication of prosperity. All ceremonial tokens of appreciation must be performed before 12 noon to farewell the spirits as they depart the physical world and disappear into the unseen.

    source: Ronifamily

    Photo by: Shan's Photostream

    Photo by: Franc Le Blanc .

    Photo by: balambalivilla.com

    Photo by: oliver_selwyn

    Bali Island Map

    Kuningan Day Video

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