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    Mount Lokon, Tomohon - North Sulawesi

    Mount Lokon, together with Mount Empung, is a twin volcano (2.2 km/1.4 mi apart) in the northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, roughly 10 km (6 mi) south of Manado. Both rise above the Tondano plain and are among active volcanoes of Sulawesi. Mount Lokon has a flat and craterless top.

    Lokon formed during a period of andesitic volcanism on ring fractures resulting from the Tondano caldera's early to mid-Pleistocene collapse. Recently-erupted material remains andesitic in composition and consists of ash plumes and, less commonly, pyroclastic flows and lava domes.

    The volcano erupted on 15 July 2011, forcing thousands of people to evacuate.

    The volcano again began showing signs of activity on 10 February 2012. An eruption occurred at 8:20 am[4] the same day sending a ash plume two miles into the sky. Local residents have been evacuated from a two and a half mile exclusion zone around the volcano.

    Indonesia has 129 volcanoes including Mount Lokon. The last major eruption of Mount Lokon before in 1991, killed a Swiss hiker and forced thousands of people to flee their homes.

    Source: wikipedia.org



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