Linau is a unique lake and the lake is often called the three colors. The lake is located in the Village Lahendong, District of South Tomohon, Tomohon, North Sulawesi.

So called because when the sun shone, the color of the water on its surface may appear yellow, green and red. However, the color is now more than three colors.

Three colors were due to the influence of the color of sulfur. The color is more than three. As the sun just above the surface of the lake, looked dark green, light green, blue, yellow, orange and white. Almost like the colors of the rainbow

Location of this lake was once the crater of the volcano. According to stories handed down from older people in the region, was once the crater lake. But after thousands of years of natural processes into the lake.

Lake area about 46 hectares with depths reaching 36 feet. "If you could have sulfur baths. But forbidden to bathe in the lake. Mud dangerous. It appears from the shallow surface when it can reach tens of meters," said Lenda.

Linau lake is now a popular tourist destination in North Sulawesi. Its uniqueness makes a number of foreign tourists are interested in creating images prewedding in the region.

According Lenda foreign tourists in the region ever prewedding Tomohon owned by businessmen from other countries include Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan.
Besides well-known photography services in Manado and Jakarta have subscribed. Photography services include Hanny Kandau, Chilli Red, Fantasia, Bridal Chen-chen, Be-U Professional Photography photography and Alfin.

To get into this area guests of local, national or international, have the same load. The entry fee children and adults Rp 20,000 per person.

This tourist area comprised of the scenery around the lake, cottage, pine forests, hot springs to soak the feet or sulfur baths and cafes that prepare various foods and beverages.

"Not sorry to have to pay expensive ticket. Natural air and a quiet place to make connections with calm and adds a romantic partner," said the man is newly married.