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    Flower City of Tomohon

    Tomohon is a hill resort located some 22 kilometers east of Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi province. Tomohon consists of 35 villages in five sub-districts, namely West, East, Central, South and North Tomohon.

    Its land contour, cool weather and fertile soil encourage the local community to cultivate various kinds of flowers and vegetables. This city is known as a producer of flowers. When in season, the flower gardens of the local inhabitants look very beautiful.

    Annually the Tomohon Flower Festival is held here in June and July. During this event, watch the flower floats parade through the town. A flower tournament is also held during this Festival where participants from 94 cities in Indonesia take part at the Inspiration Hill.

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    Tomohon The Iconic City

    Tomohon has a mountainous and hilly topography stretching out from north to south. There are four volcanoes in Tomohon and two of them are still active, namely Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu. Mount Lokon is 1,580 meters high and it is the highest mountain in Tomohon. If you visit this city during blossom season, you will see amazing scenery of colorful flours by the foot of a beautiful mountain. This panorama looks perfect when the sun rises and fog disappears.

    Local people's flower gardens are usually located at the foot of Mount Lokon. During blossom season, which is in December, January or April, these flowers look very beautiful with Mount Lokon as their background. In addition, you can also walk along main roads in the city with florist shops on their left and right sides. Some shops have their own flower gardens behind it, enabling you to pick and choose your favorite flowers.

    You can travel around using bendi (traditional horse cart) at main roads in Tomohon. Another interesting thing you can also enjoy is a cultivation center for horticultural plants such as vegetables in this mountainous area. On your journey, you will find farmers collecting their flowers and take them to markets by motorcycle or public transportation.

    If you like to spend a longer time in this cool town, you don't have to worry about your accommodation because guest houses are widely available in the city center. The most favorite guest houses are those located within settlement areas where the flower gardens are located as well. Prices for guest houses vary depending on their facilities.
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