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    The Butterfly Museum Bantimurung

    If you go to Makassar, South Sulawesi, try to stop by the Nature Park Bantimurung, Maros. Specifically to the butterfly museum Bantimurung. There will be found that greenhouse cone-shaped roof of the jungle tours. In it are often found hundreds of butterflies that have been preserved in the window glass.

    Bantimurung from Makassar to take about two hours by car and is about 60 kilometers to the City of Maros. Entrance fee at the gate tickets listed Rp 15,000 and Rp 5,000 to the museum entrance. So the total tickets to be paid Rp 20,000 per person. In the greenhouse which covers approximately 70 square meters laid out some of the glass storefronts along the wall and the center of the building that contains a variety of different colors and types of butterflies.

    A collection of about 300 butterfly species including the largest and papilo papilo androkles blumei from Bantimurung. There are also several collections of butterflies of Papua. Butterfly green, yellow, blue, brown neatly behind the glass. There is also the width of an adultís palm. Because most of the walls of buildings made of glass, the atmosphere of the room during the day so bright.

    Beauty and the beauty of butterflies here affects a lot of souvenir sellers who sell many kinds of ornaments yag preserved butterflies. Began to shape key chains, paintings, brooches, earrings, until the frame that contains a variety of butterflies of different colors and types. In fact, the butterfly is in the frame is more beautiful than a butterfly flying around Bantimurung life.

    After the satisfaction of seeing the museum, visitors can walk towards the waterfall and the rushing water about 20 feet high. Unfortunately the author came when the rainy season, brown waterfall. But the cold and cool exposed to splashing waterfalls create a very cold temperature of the hot air away with the city of Makassar. In this area there is also a limestone hills and limestone caves that can be entered if you are a strong run up the stairs next to the waterfall. It is said that this makes the moist limestone hills and the cool atmosphere of the forest so that butterflies love to live in this area.

    Too many authors do not find a lot of butterflies flying. There are only a few small butterflies flying among the yellow trees, wildflowers and streams. The atmosphere of the butterfly has been felt since entering the City Maros. Monument in the center of town there is a large butterfly decoration. Once inside the Bantimurung visitors are greeted again by the gate of a giant butterfly decorations for the four-colored square meters of blue.

    Source: villainmagazine.com



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