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    Enjoying The Natural Harmony in Sipirok

    Eve followed by a warm smell of sulfur when the foot reaches Harette ambush. Fatigue goes up for about an hour disappear once the eye witness of the boiling mud, while smoke billowed from the holes in the ground, then soar with the clouds together. It was like having a personal nature sauna.

    Harette Nature Reserve is located in Sibual-buali, just behind the Hotel Tor Sibohi Nauli, two-star hotel with the concept of the cottage is the best hotel in the District Sipirok.

    The extent of approximately 500 square meters and is still maintained its natural authenticity. Only one of two groups of tourists or researchers who come to the site every week. So, are Harette felt like being in the crater of private property.

    From the slopes of the mountain, smoke Harette looks like mist that rises up to join the cloud. From the slopes of the mountain too, landscapes District Sipirok pins.

    Extend verdant rice fields surrounded by hills which are still preserved forest Barisan. Weather was cool and cold from morning until late afternoon and cool again in the evening until morning. Clean air and consistent winds blowing.

    I remember the story of a friend. "Our first child was born after our stay at Sipirok," he said. I laughed at the time. However, after a few days stay in Sipirok, I know, Sipirok indeed a special little town.

    Sipirok located about 385 kilometers from Medan or about 30 kilometers from the city Padangsidimpuan. To reach the small town takes some 10 to 12 hours by road from Medan. For foreign tourists, Sipirok, especially the Hotel Tor Sibohi Nauli, is their haven in the overland trip from Medan to Bukittinggi, West Sumatra.

    However, through the air from the Polonia Airport, Medan, to the airport in Padangsidimpuan Godang Aek, it only takes one hour. Susi Air provides two or three flights to Aek Godang every day. The journey can continue by road for about 40 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation from Aek Godang to Sipirok. Thus, to achieve Sipirok must make a pact with a friend to pick up. Actually Hotel Tor Sibohi Nauli provide a pick-up, but last week, they are still looking for a permanent driver.

    Besides having an active volcanic crater, Lake Marsabut Sipirok also has hot springs and used freely by the people for their daily activities.

    Residents also live in harmony with each other. Although the majority of the population is Muslim, was first recorded in Sipirok missionaries go to the island of Sumatra, which is in the village husky Sorat, 150 years ago. There stood the church first. Replica of the old church still stands and is a place of worship for a number of people who are Christians. Tiny church to live in peace with an old mosque that is widely available in Sipirok.

    No wonder that the landscape of the district and the beautiful people live in harmony born intellectual figures who take part in both national and North Sumatra, Central Library of the author's age, Merari Siregar, Governor of North Sumatra inal Raja Siregar, Chief Justice Bismar Siregar, to the Chairman of the Board Audit Anwar Nasution.

    Anyone can ride a bike around town can be hired from the Hotel Tor Sibohi or motor rickshaw ride. Streets in the village is quite good, but the road which divides the trans-Sumatra Sipirok bumpy. However, it nonetheless does not diminish the beauty Sipirok.

    Do not forget to watch the women weave cloth with a distinctive South Tapanuli not a machine loom in Silungkang, Sei Langge, about eight kilometers from the Hotel Tor Sibohi. That's where the civil service clothes Tapanuli South used every Thursday produced.

    If you want to enjoy a typical lunch Sipirok, a tiny restaurant is clean Afternoon Night in the City Sipirok offer typical menu of delicious, the mashed sweet potato leaves with soup buffalo meat is tender. If you want to enjoy a traditional market, get into the week / market in the bustling city center on Monday and Thursday.

    Tired of city life suffocating and needed a rest, Sipirok could be an option.

    Source: Kompas

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    Sipirok Map

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    Most beautiful place.

    Specially, the tiny restaurant. I found here a mini motor rickshaw and ride it.

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