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    Cigar Agrotourism

    Cigars are made of rolled dried tobacco leaves. Nusantara Plantation Corporation 10 lies eight kilometers north of Jember. The cigars are exported to Europe, America and Australia. However, it also produces Indonesian cigars for domestic consumption. All visitors can see the process of cultivating seedlings, drying tobacco leaves, picking as well as the making of cigars. Dutch visitors can especially enjoy the nostalgia of the site as they participate in the agro tourism. The first people who introduced the process of tobacco cultivation were the Dutch. Jember became known to Europeans as the “Tobacco city” particularly in Germany. To reach the Nusantara Plantation the visitors can take public transportation from downtown.

    source: http://www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: bisnis-jatim.com

    Cigar Agrotourism Map

    Cigar Agrotourism Video

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