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    Rembangan Panorama

    Rembangan, 12 km to the north of Jember, is a mountainous tourism object complete with swimming pool, hotel and the coffee agro tourism of the Rayap plantation. Because of the fresh air and beautiful scenery, this tourism object is called a resort destination. Upon swimming in the pool in early morning, visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. The visitors are surrounded by blue skies, green plants, and singing birds as far as the eye can see. The specialty of Rembangan is ginger tea and cheese bananas.
    There are readily served at seminars, workshops and conferences held at Rembangan. As they complete their visit, visitors should participate in the coffee tasting at Rayap plantation.
    Visitors can reach Rembangan in 15 minutes from central Jember by public transportation, rental car or taxi.

    source: http://www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: Jember Banget

    Rembangan Panorama Map

    Rembangan Panorama Video

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