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    Puhsarang Church

    This church is located in Puhsarang village, Semen district of Kediri, that's why it is called Puhsarang Church. The location is 10 km in western Kediri City. This old church had built by Ir. Heendricus Maclaine on behalf of pioneer Mr. Yohanes Humbertus Wolters CM in 1931. The architecture is collaboration between European and Majapahit, combination with other local cultures and Christianity.

    The first establishment of the complex is the "Antique Church", Puhsarang Church. The structure of the church has unique architectural style form and we can see unique full-scale sculptures of Lord Jesus and the people on the way of cross.

    If we look at this church so far, it is like a ship from a mountain, which is describing the rescue Noah prophet's story and his passengers.

    The buildings in the church area are built from the massive stones, which are taken from materials surrounding the tourism area. The tourism facilities are parking area, hotel, cottages, and home stay, souvenir kiosk, and Kediri special food.

    source: http://www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: ar-vit.blogspot.com

    Photo by: ar-vit.blogspot.com

    Puhsarang Church Map

    Puhsarang Church Video

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