Administratively, Baning Nature Park is in the area Towns and Villages Baning Kelurahan Tanjung Puri, District Sintang, Sintang District, West Kalimantan Province , Indonesia. Day trips to the Nature Park Baning somewhat special because it is the only natural tropical forests in Indonesia who are in the middle of town. This area is covered by thousands of large trees and rich with various flora and fauna of scarcity. So, other than as an interesting tourist attractions, this region can also be a place of research on biological wealth for scientists, students, students, and even the general public.
Given the strategic position of the region and its natural potential which is so abundant, the local government is working to protect and preserve it. The first time, the area is designated as a Protected Forest Area Baning based Sintang Regent Decree No. 07/A-II/1975 on June 1, 1975 with total area of about 315 hectares. Sintang District Government to realize this decision, one way to close the Road and Road Baning Tenebrous 2 that contained in this tourist area. In subsequent developments, the central government through Decree of the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia Number 129/Kpts-II/90 on March 24, 1990, raising the status of the region into Forest Nature Tourism Baning. Then, based on the Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Plantations of the Republic of Indonesia Number 405/Kpts-II/99 on June 14, 1999, the area is designated as a Nature Park Baning with area about 213 hectares.

The air is cool and fresh, leafy and green trees, as well as a wide ditingkahi by chirping birds, making Nature Park Baning aptly chosen as a natural recreational fun with family or colleagues. In this area, there are a variety of rare flora, such as ramin (gonystilur bancanus sp), jelutung (lawii era), resam (glyhenis linearis), Rengas (renghas Gluta sp), Medang (litsea firm sp), mentibu (dacty locladusstenos), perepat (cambreto carpus rotundatus), bintangor (callophyllum inophylum), Pulai (Alstonia schoolaris), kempilik (Quercus sp), birds tamang (Eugenia sp), semar bag, and black orchid. Various rare fauna, such as king prawns (halycon smyrnemsis), monitor lizards (Varanus Salvator), pigeon (tretron vernaris), parrots (gracula religiosa), cucakrawa (pycnonatus zeylandicus), water civet (cynogale bennetti), ground squirrels (larisous insignis), flying squirrels (peraurista elegans), sailors, and various species of birds, increasingly confirmed just how special this area. A laboratory is used as a means of supporting research and development of living resources in the region, also can be visited by those who want to know about the basics of forestry science.

On the Nature Park Baning, available a wooden bridge which divides the forest, so it can used by visitors who want to enjoy the coolness and biological richness of the height of the region.For cross-country sports enthusiasts, the region's available path winding down to the woods with a fairly challenging terrain. Wide area camping ground and safe to accommodate the interest of visitors who want to camp. Visitors need not worry about starving if it was in Baning Nature Park, because of the region there are food stalls, canteens, hawkers and street vendors who provide various food and beverage menu. For those who want to stay, in this area is available inn, guesthouse, and hotel and different types.

In addition, in this region there are also many other facilities, such as tourist information centers, security forces, public hospitals, health centers, polyclinics, pharmacies, camping ground, mosque, mosque, church, kiosk telephone kiosk, voucher refill pulse, and centers by -by and souvenirs. Sintang District is approximately 395 kilometers east of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. From Pontiac to Sintang, visitors can board the plane. Visitors can also take a taxi, bus travel, bus or private vehicle with a travel time of about 6 hours drive. From the city center Sintang towards Baning Nature Park, visitors can access it by bus, minibus, public transportation, or personal vehicle. For those who like to exercise can also access this area on foot or by bicycle from downtown Sintang.