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    Tolire Lake, North Maluku - Indonesia

    Tolire Lake under Gamalama foothills, the highest volcano in North Maluku. Lakes are two that between the two lake is 200 meters and the local people call it the Tolire Big Lakes and Tolire Small lakes who has many legendary stories about these lakes.

    Tolire Big Lakes unique shape, like a giant bowl. From the edge of the lake until the lake water level is about 50 meters and the lake area is about 5 Tolire Large hectares. The depth down to the bottom of the lake up to now unknown. Until now no one has measured the depth of this lake.

    According to legend, its depth miles and deal directly with the sea. Tolire Lakes is fresh-water lake with various kinds of kinds of fish in this lake. But local people were do not brave enough to catch fish or
    bathe in the lake never. They are believe that the lake where the water is yellowish brown, the crocodile inhabited by many demons.

    Crocodiles stealth, he said often seen swimming in the middle of the lake. It is white and about 10 meters long. Not everyone can see the crocodile stealth, and only those who are lucky. According to the local
    community, in a clean heart condition, one's chance of seeing alligators in the lake was invisible.
    According to the local community, many treasures are stored at the base of the Tolire Big Lakes. This treasure belongs to the people when the Portuguese ruled the Sultanate of Ternate at the 15th century. Community Ternate was a lot of waste of valuable property into the lake so as not deprived of the Portuguese army.

    There was no particular agency or party that specifically investigate the correctness of the recognition that society. And local residents say there is a member of the Brigade by using sonar to detect objects in the bottom of the lake. The result, indicated no metal objects at the bottom of the lake.

    According to the legend of the Tolire Big Lakes and Tolire Small lake starts from a village where people live in prosperity. Then the village was cursed into the lake by the ruler of the universe, because it is a
    forbidden love story of a father in the village itself was knocked up his daughter so that her child was pregnant.

    And father and daughter who knocked it will escape out the village, suddenly the ground where they were standing collapsed and turned into a lake. Known Tolire Big Lakes as a place of the father, while Tolire
    Little Lake believed to be the place of the doughter.

    Another uniqueness of this lake is that is someone made throw something into the lake, however the strength of the throw by using stone or other object, for example, will never touch the water of the lake.
    Although the throw from the edge of the lake, the lake looks under the feet of the thrower. Perhaps those who first visited the lake, would not believe the facts.

    Source : sailmalukuarchipelago.com

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