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    Pasir Panjang Beach, Singkawang - West Kalimantan

    Pasir Panjang Beach is located in District Seven, City of Singkawang, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Singkawang known as the City of Amoy and its China Town of Indonesia, because the majority of the population (about 70%) are ethnic Chinese. Visiting the city directly adjacent to the State of Sarawak, Malaysia is, of course not complete until they've been visiting the Pasir Panjang Beach.
    Beach's iconic tourism Singkawang tourist attraction and one of the mainstay of West Kalimantan province has developed into an integrated tourism package Taman Pasir Panjang Indah (TPPI). Named to the Pasir Panjang Beach because the beach long stretches vault open sea.

    From shore, visitors can enjoy panoramic ocean blue background is also blue horizon. Dimly in the distance green refracted Lemukutan Island, Isle of sackcloth, and a fenced Randayan Island Natuna Sea waters. Wide sandy beaches and clean making it convenient to use the area for sunbathing or doing sports activities, such as beach volleyball and beach football.

    Water clear and clean sea is very supportive of the activities of visitors who want to swim or dive. In addition, relatively large waves and became home to many fish, so aptly used as an arena of surfing and fishing areas.

    The atmosphere of this increasingly exclusive region ahead of the moments of sunset (sunset) behind the islands located in the vicinity of this coastal region. Visitors can enjoy it from the beach or from the tourist huts are numerous in the region.
    When bored on the beach, visitors can look around the fishing village community life that is not too far from the beach, or relax in the shelter-shelter located in Peninsular Love.

    In the area of Pasir Panjang Beach there are tourist information centers, discotheques, rent a speed boat, water bicycle, darmoling, Go Karting, shelter, shelter, cabin tours, and souvenir shops. Visitors who are not accustomed to swim at the beach to swim in the pool of available, but who do not like swimming or sunbathing can surround the beach with banana boat ride. Visitors who bring their children can still have fun because this region is available in children's playground.

    Visitors are not going to look for food because of difficulty in this area there are restaurants, cafes, food stalls, and hawkers. So do you want to stay, do not have to bother bringing a tent or sleeping bag because in this region are available guesthouse and hotels with various types.

    Singkawang town is about 142 kilometers from the city of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. From Supadio Airport or Bus Terminal Pontianak, visitors can take a taxi, travel, or a bus to City Singkawang. From the city center Singkawang, Pasir Panjang Beach is about 17 kilometers longer. Visitors can access it by taxi, bus, or minibus.

    Source: bestindonesiaislands.com

    by nizar kauzar

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