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    Fort Kalamata, Maluku - Indonesia

    Built in 1540 by Antonio Pigaveta of Portuguese as a fortress for the expansion of Portuguese territory on the island of Ternate. However after the Portuguese left Ternate 1575, Spain occupied the fort and used as a trading post. In 1609 the Dutch fort was restored under the leadership of Pieter Both and used as a fortress of defense. 13-16 February 1624 the Dutch Governor and Deputy Le Febre Admiral Geen Huigen Schapenham attempt to repair the fort, but later abandoned. In 1627 van gills Zeyst leave the castle and later occupied by the Spanish until 1663. Besides being used as atrading post, the fort is also alled the Castle of Santa Lucia or the Red Fort Wood was also used as a center to launch an offensive against the Dutch. On 29 April 1798 by troops captured Fort Kalamatta Kaicil Nuku (Sultan Tidore 19th) who assisted the troops and British ships.

    The fort was repaired byMajor Lutzow in 1799. As a result of this fortress being betrayed into the hands of England in 1801, but then the Dutch took them back. The Dutch occupied the fort until 1810. Resident van Helback 1843 officially emptied of this castle. The fort became poorly maintained and gradually became a slum. Kalamata name is taken from the name of a Prince of Ternate Kaicil Kalamata, brother of the Sultan Mandarsjah and uncle of Sultan Kaicil SiboriAmsterdam (1675-1690). Prince Kalamatta died in Makassar 1676.

    Source : sailmalukuarchipelago.com


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