Title as the "City of Thousand Temples" well-deserved given for Singkawang. Because the areas with hilly landscape is famous for its many Buddhist temples. One of the Buddhist temple called Vihara Tri Dharma. Tri Dharma Buddhist Vihara or monastery Cikung is a monastery located in Visit Sagatani (Sin Nam), Village Sijangkung, District of South Singkawang, Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

Tri Dharma Buddhist Vihara (Ji Gong House of Help), or commonly referred to as the monastery Cikung is the largest monastery in the District of Singkawang. Vihara is located in the hilly area in Sagatani Road. The splendor of the Buddhist Vihara Dharma Tri instantly felt as soon as we entered the gate. Red, blue, and gold became the dominant color in this monastery. In addition to building big temples, the presence of nursing homes "Eternal Light" reinforces that this monastery function not merely as a place of worship, but also as a media service of humanity.

According to temple officials, this building was first built in 1999. Initially, this temple has only one floor, but in 2000, the monastery is undergoing renovations until the three-tiered. Building first floor Buddhist Vihara Dharma Tri divided into two parts, namely the front and rear. At the front there is a statue of Buddha in a pose Cikung stand about 2 meters high. Buddha Statue in front of the fountain there Cikung mini that has been blessed by Buddhist Cikung. Surrounding the fountain is restricted to a place that resembles the shape of a pot made of cement with a diameter of about 1 meter. The visitors are allowed to take water to drink. On the right there is the Statue of Buddha Cikung large drum with a diameter of about 1.5 meters. Drum membrane is made of cowhide. On the left there is a Statue of Buddha Cikung bell (bell) large.

Building the first floor in the back filled by the Statue of Gautama Buddha with a height of about 2 meters. All around the Statue of Buddha there are many gods and goddesses in accordance with Buddhist beliefs. Entering the second floor we will see a Statue of Buddha in a pose Cikung sit about 2 meters high. Cikung Buddha Statue in front of the terrace there is a kind of building. On the porch was constructed of two poles with a bandage was wrapped around the dragon statue at the top of the mast pole and the Sun Go Kong Statues are being raised luminous bulb (lamp). In the middle of the pole there is the Statue of Sun Go Kong with a height of about 2 meters.

Entering the third floor, we will find a Statue of Buddha Cikung with a smaller size compared with the same statue that is on the floor one and two. In the same room, there is also Buddha Statue which is located in front of the Statue of Buddha Cikung. Only, the Statue of Buddha on the third floor of this size is much smaller than the Statue of Buddha in the first floor. Apart from Buddha Statue Buddha Statue Cikung and, the floor was also filled with various statues of deities in the Buddhist faith. The statues are lined neatly around the room. Vihara Buddha statue in the whole Tri Dharma painted with golden color.

Tri Dharma Buddhist Vihara is the largest monastery in Singkawang. This monastery was built on land with an area of about 500 mē. This three-storey building which is dominated by bright red color. Tri Dharma Buddhist Vihara pomp seen also placed several statues of gigantic size as high as 2 meters. For example, the statue of Buddha, Buddhist Cikung on the first floor, and the Sun Go Kong statue on the second floor. For visitors who want to know better about Buddhism or Buddhist Vihara Tri Dharma, the manager provides a number of books free of charge. Visitors can also dig up more information about Tri Dharma Buddhist Vihara by asking the managers of the monastery that also serves as a guide for visiting the Tri Dharma Buddhist Vihara.

Besides the guide, visitors can also "scramble blessing" by drinking water that has been blessed by Buddhist Cikung. According to the manager of Tri Dharma Buddhist Vihara, this water can cure disease or prolong life. Cikung monastery not only be a place of Buddhist worship. This monastery also once used as a nursing home "Eternal Light". Both the monastery Cikung and nursing homes "Eternal Light" were under the Foundation Cikung Buddha Dharma. Journey to the Vihara Tri Dharma can be reached by car within about 20 minutes from downtown Singkawang.

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