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Thread: Tanah Lot, Bali

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    Tanah Lot, Bali

    Tanah Lot tourist attraction was located in the Village of Beraban Kecamatan Kediri Kabupaten Tabanan. From Tabanan around 13 km to the west. In Tanah Lot was gotten two temples that named Pura (the place of group's Hindu prayer) that were located on the big stone. One was located on the stone chunk and his one located above the stone.

    This Tanah Lot Temple was part of the Sad Kahyangan Temple, that is temples that were the foundations of the Balinese Island. The Tanah Lot Temple was the temple of the worship of place sea to Gods of the guard of sea.

    According to the Balinese legend, this temple was built by a person brahmana that roamed from the Javanese Island (the Majapahit Kingdom) that was named Danghyang Nirartha. He succeeded in strengthening the inhabitants's Balinese belief would the Hindu teaching and built this Sad Kahyangan in the 16th age. At the time the ruler of Tanah Lot, Bendesa Beraben, was jealous of him because his followers began to leave him and to follow Danghyang Nirartha. Bendesa Beraben told Danghyang Nirartha to leave the Tanah Lot. Danghyang Nirartha promised and before leaving the Tanah Lot he (with his strength) moved the stone chunk to the middle of the coast (not to the middle of sea) and built the temple there.

    Danghyang Nirartha also changed his shawl into the guard's snake of the temple. This snake is still having now and scientifically this snake including the kind of the sea snake that had the characteristics thin tail like the fish, the black color was striped yellow and had poison 3 times were stronger than the Cobra Snake. The end of the legend mentioned that Bendesa Beraben had finally become the follower Danghyang Nirartha.

    The Tanah Lot was known as the place that was beautiful to see the sunset, usually busy tourists arrived in the afternoon to see beauty of the sunset here. Moreover, the Tanah Lot Temple was made the place of the Hindu ceremony of group's religion in Bali. For tourists who wanted to shop, around the Lot Land often were encountered shops that sold results of typical Balinese diligence. (hen)

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    Tanah Lot Map

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