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    Jatiluwih: Rice Cultivation Panorama in Tabanan, Bali

    Was located in the Penebel area, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia. Jatiluwih famous with his rice cultivation panorama. Jatiluwih was the area that was adjacent to the Batukaru Mountain and was located in the height 700 m. on sea level. Because of that did not surprise if you will enjoy cool air during was here.

    The paddy-field and Subak Bali. Jatiluwih had beautiful nature scenery. Most of the areas were the area of rice cultivation that was made stratified or was known with the Bali paddy-field typical that will make you increasingly admiring it. The area of this rice cultivation had the shape of the terrace widely around 636 hectare. This paddy-field used the irrigation system subak that is the irrigation system or the traditional Balinese irrigation that was based on the community. Subak had the temple that was built for the prosperity goddess and the fertility goddess. The uniqueness of the paddy-field was made Jatiluwih nominated entered the list UNESCO World Heritage as the inheritance of the world culture.

    From time to time, tourists will also pass the river, the temple, or the inhabitantís houses that still was simple. The atmosphere really depicted the atmosphere of peaceful rural areas. To be able to enjoy this panorama, tourists could use the bicycle or if wanting to feel something that was different, tourists could lease a Volkswagen car while enjoying scenery in right left you. The atmosphere of these rural areas attracted attention many of the tourists from inside and foreign to visit this Jatiluwih area.

    After satisfied to enjoy the rice cultivation panorama, tourists could enjoy the meal in one of the restaurants to the full, because this restaurant provided food in a manner the buffet so as tourists could fill up the stomach to the full. While dining, tourists could rice cultivation scenery and the available mountain in front of tourists, this will make the feeling of tourists increasingly relaxed. Be finished ate, don't forget to give time to take a photograph there.

    Jatiluwih Water Game. The area that consisted of "Jati" words and "Luwih" that was "correctly significantly true beautiful" this also provided the game of water that could be enjoyed by you. After tourists used the buoy, the helmet, as well as other equipment, you could continue to head the place of the game in a re-manner used the Volkswagen car. The game of water was in a river that was stemmed his water current. Tourists will follow the river by using a buoy tyre. Tourists only were kept sleeping on the buoy while enjoying scenery in right left you, and the river current will continue to bring tourists to the further game, that is tourists will play rafting.

    After arriving in the place rafting, tourists must rise to a rubber boat that had a capacity of 2 people. A guide will go along in the rubber boat and was assigned to row. In the rubber boat, tourists will feel the river water that will bash tourists along the river that was followed. Be finished by the rubber boat, tourists will rise the jeep off the road small to come back

    When tourists want to more enjoyed the panorama and felt the trip off road, tourists better sit at the front of the jeep in order to be able to be freer saw surrounds and felt the trip. After until the restaurant, tourists could rinse afterwards returned to the bus in a re-manner used Volkswagen. When tourists wanted to forget for a moment urban routine, the atmosphere of Jatiluwih rural areas in Bali was ready welcomed.

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    Jatiluwih: Rice Cultivation Panorama in Tabanan Map

    Jatiluwih: Rice Cultivation Panorama Video

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