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    Benoa Marine Recreation, Bali

    Tourist Benoa Marine Recreation (BMR) is located in the village of Benoa Marine, Benoa Marine District, Badung regency, Bali province, Indonesia . Who would have thought, Benoa Marine area once known as the slums, have now become the most complete nautical tourism on the island of Bali. Yes, on the beach adjacent to Nusa Dua area, now has become the center of a wide range of water sports, ranging from the jetski, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, to flying fish. Various tourism tourist named Benoa Marine Recreation (BMR) has also been equipped with five-star hotel and restaurant facilities of international standard.

    Twenty-five years ago, Benoa Marine is a fishing village that slums and poor. If the first communities rely solely on income from farming and fishing patch, now they are relatively more prosperous with the greatest income from tourism services. This major change began with the construction of the project area of Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), the adjacent location to the Benoa Marine in the 1980's. BTDC is a prestigious project to build a variety of tourism facilities in the southern part of Bali, among them to build 12 hotels five star and five-plus.

    Benoa Marine area is a coastal region in the southeast tip of the island of Bali. Its location is quite gentle with a calm waves make this area very suitable for a variety of water sports. In these places tourists can try a variety of challenging water sports such as jetski, parasailing, banana boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, glassbottom, to visit turtle island (Turtle Island). Various water games that usually starts at 8 to 12 pm. Each game will be led by experienced instructors that will provide assurance of safety and convenience for tourists.

    The first interesting exercise to try is to drive a jetski, that is water driven motor vehicles like motorcycles. In driving a jetski, tourists will be accompanied by an instructor to avoid accidents. Instructors will usually drive a jetski from the beach to the sea, then tourists can take control of the jetski to begin action in the middle of the sea. To avoid a collision or other fatal error, the trainer still will accompany the tourists to ride in the back way.

    In addition to jetski, there are also banana boat can be boarded by 4 people plus 1 instructor companion. Banana boat is a single rubber boat shaped like a banana being towed by speedboats to get around the beach for 15 minutes. If you want more exciting, tourists can ask the instructor to direct the banana boat against the current wave, so you can feel the sensation of the waves crashing with friends or family.

    There is also a game wearing an umbrella parachute being towed by a speed boat (speedboat) called parasailing. In this game, travelers who have used the equipment will be pulled by a speedboat parasailing high speed that will soar to a height of 50 meters above sea level. To reduce tensions, tourists can invite friends or couples to enjoy a sensation like a paratrooper.

    If you want to try snorkeling, namely swimming, looking at the underwater scenery, tourists can rent equipment and services instructor. To exercise this snorkeling, tourists are required to have the ability to swim. In addition to snorkeling, you can also see the wealth under the sea with scuba diving. Scuba diving or dive with full equipment is one way to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea in Benoa Marine more securely. Having given a brief overview of engineering materials diving, tourists are welcome to wear a wet suit and oxygen tank, then accompanied by an instructor to dive at depths of 5 to 7 meters below sea level. For those who've experienced are allowed to dive up to tens of meters. Under the sea, you can see the wealth of coral reefs and colorful ornamental fish. Do not forget to bring a piece of bread to feed the fish are funny.

    Another way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater Benoa peninsula is by climbing a modified boat bottom using clear glass (glass bottom boat). Usually, glass bottom boats is one package tour to Turtle Island (Turtle Island). On the way to Turtle Island, tourists can see the diversity of animals under the sea through the clear glass like looking at a giant aquarium. Tourists can also provide piece of bread as food to play with these colorful fish.

    Once satisfied to enjoy the scenery under the sea, tourists will be invited to Turtle Island. On the island is still beautiful, tourists can watch turtle breeding, the eggs are incubated, hatching eggs, small turtles, until the turtles are already mature and ready to become a new parent. These turtles are not just one type, but there are several types. Some of them also exist that have been aged over 35 years with a large enough size. On Turtle Island there are also other animals such as birds, bats, snakes, monkeys, and other relatively benign so it can be touched or photographed by visitors. In this island has been equipped with the gallery that sells a variety of replica souvenirs from wood or stone turtle reef.

    The game is relatively new in Benoa Marine is a flying fish, which is a kind of rubber boat equipped with wings on either side are pulled by speedboat to float in the air. Flying fish can be played by 3 people, two people were on the right and left, as well as an instructor in the middle as a guiding and balancing. Having pulled by speedboats with high speed and downwind, the boats would float above the altitude of 2 to 10 meters, similar to a kite. For those of you who like challenging games, flying fish worth checking out.

    On the promontory there Benoa small kiosks that sell snacks and drinks packaging. Turtle Island also, tourists need not worry if you need food or drink, because on the island are found many food and beverage vendors. Benoa Marine is also available in seats that can be used by tourists to relax. After playing on the beach, tourists can take advantage of the changing room there is lots on the waterfront. Benoa Marine area has been equipped with a range of accommodation and international standard facilities, such as one-star hotels to five-star, restaurant serving local food to international food Balinese. In this area also have available a variety of souvenir shops, mini market, as well as facilities for the Spa.

    Benoa Marine is located in the southeast tip of the island of Bali. Tourist area can be reached by traveling + 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Bali by taxi or rental car. Of the other attractions, Marine Benoa can be reached about 35 minutes from Kuta Beach and 10 minutes from Sanur beach. For the purposes of transportation to tourist resorts in Bali, travelers can take advantage of tourist buses, travel agents, taxis, and rental cars and motorcycles, because public transportation is not widely available.

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    Benoa Marine Recreation Map

    Benoa Marine Recreation Video

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