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    The Traditional Cirebon Mask Dance

    Cirebon Mask

    Cirebon Mask Dance

    Tari Topeng Cirebon or Cirebon Mask Dance is one of originating dances from Cirebon, precisely from Indramayu and Jatibarang. Derived from its name, this dance is using mask by the dancer on its move. In times, Tari Topeng is having some types and moves and it has been develop in case of move and the story. In some of the show, tari Topeng can be performed by soloist or it can also presented by groups.

    Delicate hand movements, gentle body movements and dominated by traditional music instrument is the characteristic of tari Topeng. The instruments are using Kendang or traditional drum and Rebab.

    One of the types of tari Topeng is called Kencana Wungu. This typical of Topeng mask is told about the escape of Kencana Wungu Queen from Prabu Menakjinggo who crushed on the queen. At the scene of the story, each mask is represent the character of the story. The blue mask on Kencana Wungu story is symbolize the Queen Kencana Wungu, it looks lively and elegant. While, the red mask is represents the bad behavior of Menakjinggo, which is also high tempered and impatient.

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