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    Museum Antonio Blanco, Bali

    Antonio Blanco Renaissance Museum is located at visit Raya Campuhan, Desa Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar regency, Bali province, Indonesia. The museum is open daily from 09:00 until 17:00 pm. Visiting the Museum Antonio Blanco, tourists will be amazed on the work of genius Antonio Blanco. Travel a long career and the path that travels far to make the figure of Antonio Blanco's very mature in expressing his artistic works.

    No wonder if the artist himself received various appreciation and awards internationally. These awards, among them Tiffany Fellowship (special award from The Society of Honolulu Artists), Chevalier du Sahametrai of Cambodia, the Society of Painters of Fine Art Quality of President Sukarno, and the Prize of the Art Critique of Spain, Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) from the National College in Windsor, Canada, and others. Antonio Blanco was also awarded the Cruz de Caballero from the King of Spain Juan Carlos I, which gave it the title 'Don' in front of his name, the Don Antonio Blanco. Various heads of state and the appreciation of the artist has also been received, for example from Thalia Como from Venezuela, Sukarno, Suharto, Adam Malik (all three former leaders in Indonesia), Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia, Michael Jackson, and Ingrid Bergman (both artists). Don Antonio Blanco also known expert in various languages, ranging from Spanish, French, English, Tagalog, Indonesian, to the language of Bali.

    Antonio Blanco Renaissance Museum was built on an area of 20,000 m2 with European-style buildings. Still, many Balinese ornament, remains the hallmark of this museum. At the entrance to the museum, displayed a photo that symbolizes trust Antonio Blanco Balinese as against disaster. On the roof of the museum, there is a replica of the ear that deliberately appropriate message Antonio Blanco. Because, if one day he died, he wanted to hear praise and criticism of his works.

    Visiting this museum, visitors can watch about 300 Antonio Blanco collection of paintings made between 1937 to 1999 that shows the stages of aesthetic achievement since starting his career until the most recent works. Entering the front gate of the museum, tourists will soon be greeted by a very natural atmosphere. Various pet Antonio Blanco, like the golden bird macaws, cockatoos king, and a white cockatoo as if to welcome the visit of the tourists with Twitter and distinctive style of these beautiful animals.

    From the front of the museum, you can watch a sturdy gate made of marble stone with the contours of lines that form the image signature of Antonio Blanco. Unique gate which has been awarded the World-Indonesia Record Museum (MURI) is as manifest as the greeting 'Welcome' from the late Antonio Blanco. After filling in the list of attendees, tourists will be guided by a staff to look at the work and provide explanations about the works on display in this museum. Entering the museum, visitors are prohibited from photographing paintings for which there is not easily damaged due to over light.

    Antonio Blanco's paintings exhibited at the first floor and second floor. The theme of the painting that is in general explore Bali female body, including his wife (Ni Rondji) and first daughter, Tjempaka Blanco. A brilliant exploration of the female body object delivered as a renowned painter with the flow 'romantic impressionist'. His passion for the woman because she was in the womb for 11 months, so he considered the figure of woman is full of sacrifice. Thanks to the common interests of art and its ability to bring the beauty of the female body, said President Sukarno often visit Antonio Blanco to just chat or see the results of his paintings. President Soekarno was known to take an interest large enough to depictions of female figures. In addition to the female body, there are also several paintings depicting nature and culture of Bali.

    The characters are expressive paintings are also equipped with a special painting frame. Unlike the paintings in general, any work of Antonio Blanco framed with a special frame which vary in each painting. Frame painting itself follows the theme of painting designs to fit what he wanted to be submitted by the artist. Each painting also does not include the date or year. That said, he hopes that his paintings always be remembered not from the date or year of manufacture, rather than aesthetic achievement that will be remembered forever.

    In a corner of the room, there is a separate room called "Erotic Room". Yes, as its name, in this particular room displayed various private collections Antonio Blanco with the theme of a more "wild", which describes the beauty of the body of men and women. Due to an unusual collection, then visitors are allowed to enjoy this room have been required over the age of 17 years. Another room that showcased glimpses Blanco's career and family is the room displaying photographs of Antonio Blanco, family pictures, and photos important people around the life and career of Antonio Blanco.

    From room photo, tourists can go to another room, that room Mario Blanco (second son of Antonio Blanco) as the place to display paintings of these paintings mestro son. Mario Blanco did blood inherited from his father's art. However, in contrast to Antonio, Mario Blanco mengekslporasi more subjects with three-dimensional view. In the last room, tourists can see the studio formerly used as a paint Antonio Blanco. Currently, the studio was used by Mario Blanco. In this room, visitors can take a picture, or be photographed with the style of an accomplished painter.

    Visiting this museum, after paying the entrance fee, visitors will get a welcome drink of a refreshing syrup. Not only that, tourists will also be accompanied by guides who are ready to take and tell Happenings works of Antonio Blanco. The guide is still a member of Antonio Blanco's family will also tell the history of Antonio Blanco's life since the beginning of his career, to live and die in Bali.

    After enjoying the works of Antonio Blanco, tourists can look around the souvenir provided in this museum, like the books about Antonio Blanco and duplicate images of paintings (lithographs) by Antonio Blanco who got a bonus signature of his successor, Mario Blanco. Mario Blanco more often in the studio adjacent to the museum, so that tourists can also chat about the work or the development of art world. The museum has also been equipped with various facilities, including the auditorium, library, laboratory / conservation, collection storage space, garage space / preparation, audiovisual room, administration room, canteen / cafe, and toilets. In this museum also been equipped with a souvenir shop that sells a variety of Balinese handicrafts.

    To reach the Museum Antonio Blanco, tourists can take advantage of various means of transportation from Denpasar, Ngurah Rai Airport, or other places in Bali by taxi, travel agency services, or rental cars and motorbikes. From Ngurah Rai Airport, this museum is located about 40 kilometers (about 1 hour drive), while from the Bus Herzliya about 30 kilometers (about 45 minutes away). If using a taxi.




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    One of the most beautiful museums I ever had the pleasure of working with.
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