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    Waterfall Saluopa, Poso - Central Sulawesi

    Waterfall is located in the Village Saluopa Tonusu, North Pamona Subdistrict, Poso, Central Sulawesi Province. Waterfall Saluopa or often also called Air Launch Saluopa is one of the interesting sights in the province of Central Sulawesi. The waterfall is composed of 12 levels. From one level to the next level there is a staircase of stone, making it easier for visitors to get to the bottom of the waterfall at atas.Di there are several pools with water so clear.

    Around the falls there is also a tropical forest with a diverse fauna that live in it. While passing through this tropical forest, visitors will hear the sounds of animals and birds with a melodious singing. In addition to tropical forest, around the site there is also a small bridge that must be passed as to the location of the waterfall.

    The water that came from the mountain is very clear, so that the rocks in the water can be seen clearly. Interestingly, the mossy rocks and not slippery, so that visitors can easily rise to the top level through the stones. In addition, visitors can also play around the water on the stones on it while take pictures with the waterfall background. Among the splashing waterfall rainbow colors sometimes appear very beautiful and fascinating. Although in the vicinity of the waterfall is not available accommodation facilities, but visitors can stay at several hotels in the city of Tentena.

    Tentena town, capital of North Pamona sub-district, located about 54 km from the town of Poso, or about 258 km in the city of Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi Province. From the Hammer to the City Tentena can be reached by using a four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheeler in about 7 hours.

    While Saluopa Waterfall is located about 12 miles west of the City of Tentena. From City Tentena to the location of the waterfall can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles. Then proceed on foot as far as 500 m to the location of the waterfall.

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