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    Nature Reserve Morowali, Central Sulawesi

    Based on the zoning administration, Morowali Nature Reserve is located in two districts, namely Poso and Morowali District (exactly in the district and subdistrict Bungku Petasia North), Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. If you want to experience adventure in the outdoors with a dish of a diverse variety of natural charm, you should try this one tourist attraction.
    Morowali Nature Reserve located in Central Sulawesi province become one right choice because it provides a variety of stunning natural potential. Overall width Morowali nature reserve covers two districts, namely Morowali and Poso Regency. Morowali District is the result of expansion of the Poso district since November 3, 1999.

    Decree of the Minister of Forestry. 237/Kpts-II/1999 November 24, 1986, stating that the area around the Nature Reserve area is 225,000 hectares Morowali. Land area is based on the details of the total circumference of 265.84 kilometers long which consists of the natural boundary along the 36.36 miles, 229.48 kilometers along the artificial boundary, and the number of boundaries as much as 3197 pieces pal. Nature Reserve Morowali region includes the islands located in the bay region, lowland areas, and mountainous areas with an altitude reaches 2421 meters.

    Once set foot on the ground Morowali, your eyes will be refreshed by the majestic expanse of trees that stand proudly on the banks of major rivers. When you turn his vision in the other direction, beautiful stretch of pasture weeds, small lakes are flooded, and the cluster of mountains Tokala that stands imperious, guaranteed to make you wonder. Nature Reserve Morowali does offer a complete botanical ecosystem types. Forest types in it are quite diverse, from coastal forest, mangrove forest, lowland alluvial forest, moss forest, to the kind of mountain forests.

    In addition to a variety of fascinating flora-way, in Morowali you can also enjoy life fauna is no less complete. Of the mammals, Morowali be appropriate habitat for mammals typical of Sulawesi, anoa, babirusa, monkey, rat-pack of bears, boars, deer, gray fox, and some types of bats and bat families. Morowali Nature Reserve also has the most representative species of birds. Based on the habitat, the birds in Morowali divided into two groups, namely water birds / marine and terrestrial birds. Types of sea birds / water in them are part-white sea eagles, grouse, tree ducks, wild ducks, snakes pecuk, cangak red, and others.

    While belonging to the land-bird species including birds maleo, butbut, king prawns, rhinoceros hornbill, hornbill sulawesi, yove, blind, owls, jiokaka, katio, keli, VAE, sipili, pinski, and bird burn. If lucky, you can find a unique flock of birds charred around the river or valley. However, you should still be wary because at some point in the location Morowali nature reserve is a habitat for several native species of reptiles that are still wild animals, such as bengkarung, python or boa, grass snake, green snake head triangular, soa, soa, monitor lizards, and turtles.
    In addition to serving as a place of recreation wealth of flora and fauna, Morowali Nature Reserve also offers a number of other activities, among others:

    • Research, particularly in the fields of biology, ecology, geology, cultural and social life. Several studies have been conducted in Morowali include research on shifting cultivation systems and how to hunt conducted Wana.
    • Education, namely by performing the process of introduction of plants, fostering love of nature, conservation and education cadre.
    • Ascent, among others, in some mountain climbing activities contained in Morowali, such as Mount Tambusisi which has an altitude of about 2422 meters, Mount Morowali with 2280 meters high, twin peaked mountain that is Mount Tokala having a height of up to 2630 meters.

    In Morowali, you can watch and even engaging in everyday life Wana directly. Wana is famous for its habit of hunting wild boar, deer, and babirusa. People Wana also has a system of shifting cultivation or sedentary. They cut down and burn a bit of forest area is then tilled for farming for 1-2 years.

    Then, the area was abandoned with the intention to restore soil fertility. Wana residents who are not familiar with modern life is settled in some villages, especially those located around the Valley Merangka Sobuku and Wood, among others in the village of Posangke, Kayupoli Village, Village Uwewaju, Ratobae Village, Village Sangkoe, and Langada Village.

    Apart from Wana, the other tribes inhabiting the region include the tribe Morowali Mori, Bungku, Bugis, Kaili, and tribes each other immigrants who blend with each other. In everyday life, society Morowali have diverse activities, but they are the dominant livelihood as fishermen and farmers.

    Interesting dish that you can enjoy in the complex Morowali Nature Reserve is not depleted there. There are still many other attractions you can find in the Morowali, one of which is the charm that presents Tomori Gulf marine parks tour with the rock umbrella as a trademark. There is also Tread Hand Cave, located in the village of Ganda Tapahulu and supposedly closely related to the legend Sawerigading.

    There's more other attractions in the area of ??nature reserve Morowali, two waterfalls located on the north of Lake Amba and the headwaters of the Salato, the source of the fire at the headwaters of the Morowali, three stone cushion at the headwaters of the Salato, Poly Wood, and on the road between Posangke € "Uewaju, as well as limestone cave / karst near the village of Torongo. By serving a wide range of attractions you can visit, be sure your adventure in the nature reserve will last Morowali exciting and leaving a deep impression.

    To reach the location Morowali Nature Reserve, you can travel with trips starting from Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi province, through multiple pathways. First, use the services of an aircraft pilot with Palu route € "Poso, with travel time approximately 30 minutes away. After arriving in Poso, you can proceed with using land vehicles toward Kolonodale that can be taken for approximately 5 € "6 hours. From Kolonodale, you can rent a speed boat to get to the Nature Reserve area Morowali takes about 30 minutes away.

    Second, still using the services of aircraft pioneers of Palu, this time headed Luwuk, with travel time about 60 minutes away. From Luwuk, you can go straight to the location of the Nature Reserve Morowali by sea aboard a speed boat for about 4 hours drive.

    Third, departing from the Hammers with the services of an aircraft pilot to Poso, and then to Tentena, with travel time approximately 1 hour drive. From Tentena, proceed with using land vehicles to Kolonodale for about 2 € "3 hours. Then, you can rent a speed boat from Kolonodale to get to the Nature Reserve area Morowali takes about 30 minutes away.

    Fourth, if you choose to use ground vehicles from Palu, you can take a bus / public transit from Palu to Kolonedale with the distance as far as 431 kilometers or 10 hour trip. From Kolonedale, proceed by speedboat (30 minutes journey) or by renting a motor sea (1 hour drive) to the Morowali.

    Fifth, you can also use the car / personal motor from Palu to Poso with the distance of about 210 kilometers. The journey then continued to Kolonodale which is about 230 of Poso in travel time for 7 hours. From Kolonodale proceed to Baturube and then headed Morowali nature reserve area by using a speed boat in our travel time about 3 hours drive.

    Every tourist visiting the Nature Reserve Morowali will be accompanied by a tour guide by a group of natural or non-governmental organizations. The wizard will guide and give explanations to visitors during the visit to the region Morowali Nature Reserve.

    Visitors also need not worry about a place to rest. If possible, you can ride a break in people's homes Wana located in the vicinity of Morowali Nature Reserve. As for you who prefer to sleep at the inn, you can stay at the inn are numerous in Kolonodale, District Petasia, Morowali regency, Central Sulawesi Province.

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