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    Sentani Lake, Papua - Indonesia

    Papua or island known as Earth of bird paradise does have beautiful marine tourism no less other than areas in Indonesia. One of the most beautiful places in Papua is the Lake Sentani. Lake Sentani is 70-90 meters above sea level. Located also in the Cyclops Mountains and is a volcanic lake.

    Source water comes from 14 large and small rivers with a single river mouths, the lake’s depth is very steep. Lake Sentani offers incredible Scenery. If you visit the Lake Sentani, you will find some of Crane and the Eagles are going to grab a fish in Lake Sentani.

    Lake Sentani Festival

    Sentani city located in Jayapura has lots of natural beauty. In order for indigenous values and culture, the art of the tribes around Lake Sentani region doesn’t come to fade, then the Sentani Cultural festival held deemed necessary. Lake Sentani Cultural Festival held each year in the kalkote Region Tourism-lake Sentani, Jayapura regency, Papua. This event is a cultural festival from several villages around Lake Sentani and several districts in Papua as an effort to support government programs to increase tourist visits Indonesia.

    Lake Sentani Festival intended to preserve cultural values as a unique asset, and put it together with tour package, so can be enjoyed by domestic and foreign tourists. At this festival will be displayed a unique cultural heritage, such as War Dance on the boat and other traditional dances from various exists tribe in Jayapura. At this festival also celebrated by Papua’s other cultures and other areas in Indonesia which have similar characteristics with Lake Sentani.


    Source : www.moreindonesia.com

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