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    Tablanusu Village, Papua - Indonesia

    Administratively, Tablanusu Tourism Village, the entrance area Depapre District, Jayapura regency, Papua Province , Indonesia. For those of you who like a place of recreation that presents a lot of things in one place, come to a fishing village called Village Tablanusu. In the fishing village that has been endorsed by local government as a village tour, the tourists are ready to be pampered with various types of tourism, such as jungle tours, beach tours, lake tours, historical tours, and cultural tourism.

    Natural, beautiful, and exotic. That's about the impression of tourists when in Tablanusu Tourism Village. In fact, it has to perceived impression of the tourists when traveling from Pier Depapre using outboard-powered boats to the dock Tablanusu, the only entrance to the village. Because, along the journey, tourists will be amazed to see the green leaves of various trees, clear sea water, and rows of the hills and mountains. Clean air and cool complete satisfaction to the recreational fishermen village.

    Exotic atmosphere and mystique directly attacking tourists, once arrived at the tourist village. Because, unlike fishing village in general are familiar with the stretch of sand, much of it shrouded Tourist Village Tablanusu black coral. In the village is three hectares, the view in any direction to go, just stretch of natural stone that looks shiny. So also, wherever you walk, the sound coral sound constantly trampled. Friction caused by the stepped stone resembling sobs, this fishing village was then called by the name of Weeping Stone Village. That said, the black coral that surrounds the village has existed since Tablanusu their ancestors decided to move to the region. Coral stones it can also be used as a place of natural reflexology foot.

    In addition, other privileges Tablanusu inhabited village of about 500 family is situated in the village administrative neatness. Although only a small village and was far away in corners, this village has been arranged properly. And, even each alley located in the village had no name. Another attraction, although relatively small village, the people who inhabit this village customarily divided into ten tribes, the Tribe Sumile, Danya, Suwae, Apaserai, Serantow, Wambena, Semisu, Selli, Yufuwai, and Yakurimlen. Community welcome a warm and friendly with strangers, getting confirmed just how special excursion to Tablanusu Tourism Village. Familiarizing themselves with the village community is fairly easy and inexpensive. Only with a capital of betel nuts (areca catechu / betel palm), tourists are able to merge themselves with the local community. As the people of Papua in general, even famous people like to consume Tablanusu nut.

    Except for the above uniqueness, the uniqueness, privileges Tablanusu Village is the availability of various types of attractions in one place. This would give space to the tourists to choose the type of recreation in accordance with the wishes of the village which has an area of approximately 230.5 hectares of it. For those interested the history of tourism, for example, can see the remains of allied troops in World War II. Moreover, according to history, this picturesque village which has become one of the allied army base in eastern Indonesia. Emplacement and the dock landing former allied soldiers were among the remains of World War II that still can be found here. Other historical tourist attraction is a tomb near the church and a memorial cross. The tomb is believed to be the tomb of one of his local community leaders and at the same time one of the founders of the church. While the inscription of the cross was established to commemorate the entry of Christianity into Tablanusu Village in the early 1900's.

    Meanwhile, for enthusiasts of nature tourism, to visit the village with the local community forest or enjoy the charm of an unspoiled Dukumbo lake. In the forest, tourists can see a variety of different types of plants and listen to the birds singing. While in natural lakes there are many fish, especially fish, milkfish (chanos chanos), tilapia fish (Oreochromis mossambicus) and carp (Cyprinus carpio). For tourists who want to see orchids, are encouraged to visit two islands are located not too far from the tourist village. Only by boat a few minutes, tourists can see directly that Papuan endemic orchids. In the afternoon, two islands are also a haven of different species of birds. The birds perched on twigs lined with trees and forming a beautiful scenery near sundown.

    Meanwhile, tourists who want to try another atmosphere, can visit the local waters. Panorama beautiful beaches, clear sea and calm, and the sea breeze is the breeze blowing between the territorial waters of this appeal. Besides fishing, the clear sea water can also accommodate tourists who want to swim or dive. When diving, tourists will be amazed at the wealth under the sea, such as coral reefs that are still maintained its continuity and various species of fish that swim in groups. If lucky, here tourists can see sharks. Additionally, for travelers who desire to go fishing with the fishermen in this area, come to Beach Tablanusu at night. As fishermen in general, fishermen here are also going to sea at night, especially during the dark sky. Because, at that time that the fish more easily captured. Besides relying on hooks and spears, fishing in this region also often find fish by diving to the bottom of the sea accompanied by torch light.

    In Tablanusu Tourist Village there are various facilities, such as tour guides, church, rental boats, fish markets, and shops that provide food, beverage, and souvenir of the local community. For tourists who want to stay, here available an inn consisting of four rooms or hire a local resident's house (homestay). For tourists who want to merge with nature, to camping in comfort at various locations in the village, like the beach, on the shores of the lake, and so forth. As for tourists who wish to obtain adequate accommodation and facilities, can get in the city of Sentani. In the capital, Jayapura regency, it is available kiosk kiosks, internet cafes, markets, restaurants, banks, central gift and souvenirs, as well as guesthouse and hotels with various types.

    For tourists who want to visit Tablanusu Tourism Village, to start the journey from the city of Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province. From the city of Jayapura, tourists can take a bus meuju City Sentani, Jayapura regency capital city. Sentani town is about 33 kilometers from the city of Jayapura. Arriving in the city of Sentani, the trip was followed by a bus or rent a car to Pier Depapre chartered by travel time approximately 2 hours. From Pier Depapre, proceed by boat to the pier Tablanusu outboard engine with travel time about 20 minutes. After that, the way to the Tourist Village Tablanusu proceed on foot.

    Source: bestindonesiaislands.com

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