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    Victoria Castle, Ambon - Maluku

    Victoria Castle is located in District Sirimau, Ambon, Maluku Province. Victoria Castle is a historic place is located right in downtown Ambon. The oldest fort in Ambon was built by the Portuguese in 1775, which in turn was taken over by the Dutch. Holland then made this fort as the central government to dredge the wealth of indigenous people, in the form of spices are abundant in the earth Maluku.
    Inside the fort can be found the remains of a giant-sized cannon. In some rooms there are statues carved of wood choices, map the development of Ambon city from the seventeenth century until the IX century, and several collections of paintings by Dutch administrators in the Moluccas. By looking at these relics visitors can record the history of birth and development of the city of Ambon.

    While the side streets in front of the castle or the so-called "Boulevard Victoria" connects directly to the lips Honipopu Beach. Right in front of the fort, visitors can immediately see a very beautiful Ambon Bay at dusk, especially when the sun began to sink. In front of the castle there is a tent cafes that sell a variety of snacks typical Ambon. Not far from this castle there are also two-star hotel and lodging jasmine class, so that the tourists who come from outside the area to spend the night at the venue.

    Being situated right in the middle of town, so visitors can directly walk to the east as far as 300 feet from Terminal Mardika, public transportation terminals located in the city center.

    Source: bestindonesiaislands.com


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