Old mosque in the village Wapauwe Kaitetu (Atetu), Hila District, north coast of Ambon Island . The mosque is located not far from Fort Amsterdam. Old Mosque built in 1414 in Wapauwe Wawane. According to inscriptions found in the courtyard of the mosque, the founder of the mosque is a prime Jamillu Wapauwe old and the rich Alahahulu. Furthermore in 1614, moved by the Imam of the mosque to Tehalla Rijalli, 6 km to the east Wawane.
Imam Rajalli is a highly respected religious teacher, and together with his followers called "Group of Twelve Tailor" to spread Islam in this region. Fifty years later, in 1664, according to the story of this mosque locals 'down' (move himself) to Atetu complete with all the tools of worship. Wapauwe comes from the word 'wapa' which means 'under' and 'Uwe', which is the name of the mango tree. At first, this mosque was built under a mango tree. All of the mosque building materials are wood sago, which are constructed without using nails.

Which is very old mosque is still well maintained. Most buildings are still original, still retained some object of such Bedug, handwritten Quran, with its disposition of rice weighing scales in the form of stone weighing 2.5 kg, and an engraved metal and reads Arabic letters on the wall of the mosque. The mosque is still used as a praying people around. If Bedug beaten, then his voice to be heard throughout the village, inviting people to come to the mosque in congregation. Al-Quran Mushaf handwriting is on the mosque was exhibited at the Festival Istiqlal in Jakarta. Some new additions are a wudlu, carpet, ceiling fan and electricity for lighting.

Kaitetu village can be reached by car for about an hour from the city of Ambon. In addition to using private vehicles, visitors can ride the public bus from the city of Ambon, the District of Hila, then take public transportation to the village of Hila Kaitetu.

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