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    Wonosari Tea Plantation, Malang - East Java

    A. Overview
    Agro Wonosari Tea Gardens is situated on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, Malang regency, East Java. Plantation is located at altitudes between 950-1250 above sea level with temperatures between 19-26 degrees Celsius.
    Agro tea plantation is managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero),are engaged in the plantation of coffee, cocoa, rubber, tea, and horticulture. Agro Wonosari Tea Garden is one great place to visit because of the cool climate conditions and natural beauty of the panorama.

    B. Feature
    Agro is suitable for family tourism, especially on weekends. Tourists visiting the sights of this tea plantation can enjoy some of the tourist experience, such as recreation, sports, and activities to gain knowledge. This tourist attraction is to facilitate visitors to enjoy the natural charm of the tea plantations, breathe fresh air while walking or running around, watching the activities of the tea pickers, and knowledge of how to draw the tops of the tea is processed until ready for consumption.

    C. Location
    Location Agro Wonosari Tea Garden located on the border between two villages, the Village Toyomarto, District and Village Singosari Wonorejo, District Lawang, Malang regency, East Java.

    D. Access
    Location Agro Wonosari Tea Gardens is located west of the main road Surabaya-Malang. Therefore, tourists who want to enjoy the charm of the tea gardens spread of agro-tourism in the region can be visited through the city of Surabaya, the capital of East Java province, or embark on a journey through the city of Malang.

    From Surabaya, the distance that must be taken to arrive at the tea plantation area is about 80 km to the south, while from the city of Malang, about 30 km to the north. The journey from Surabaya or Malang can be reached by using public transportation (bus) or private vehicle. If using public transport, visitors are advised to go down in the town of Lawang district, Malang regency. From this district visitors can ride public transport (microbus) to get to the plantation area with a distance of 6 km.

    E. Accommodation and Other Facilities
    Visitors are invited as well as children can enjoy other facilities, such as trying out the game's Playground, driving a Mini Train, Mini Zoo and watched. At this location, also available a swimming pool, supermarket, shop telephone, facilities for events / outbound /, sport riding, bicycle paths healthy, soccer field, volleyball, and tennis.
    Travelers need not worry if you want to linger in the area of ​​agro-tourism is due to several shelters available (/ home stay / / guesthouse) which can be rented at rates that vary. For one room, visitors can rent between $ 100,000- Rp 300,000 per night, depending on the complementary facilities provided, such as air conditioning and / shower / hot water.

    As for renting a house, visitors can hire a range of Rp 200,000 - Rp 1 million per night, depending on the number of rooms and additional facilities are available (February 2008). If you want to camp, visitors can use the land the camp is also provided at the location of this plantation.
    In addition to lodging, ecotourism in the region are also available two meeting halls: Hall 1 with a capacity of 40 people can be hired for Rp 500,000 and the Hall 2 with a capacity of 60 people with the rental price of Rp 800,000 (February 2008). (Lukman Solihin)

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    Photo by: blog.khatulistiwa.info

    Photo by: getyourhead.wordpress.com

    Wonosari Tea Plantation Map

    Wonosari Tea Plantation Video

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