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    Borneo Eco Trekking, The Real Borneo Exploration

    PT. Borneo Eco Adventure (Ltd) or Borneo Eco Trekking is a home of highly motivated young Bornean in adventure and concerning for the potential attractions of its nature and culture.

    However, they are great adventurers with zero accident experience. They have been boating the Borneo rivers, rafting Borneo rapids, diving Borneo sea-cross borneo adventurebeds, caving Borneo caves, trekking Borneo jungles, hiking Borneo hills, climbing Borneo mountains, and wandering Borneo wilderness tremendously. They dig further into the interior and interacting with the inlanders as brothers and sisters.

    Their programs are following the responsible travel guidelines which are not only promoting the interests but also minimizing the negative impacts to the environment and society, as well as improving the welfare and social of local people. In other words, they are focusing on environmentally sound, culturally sensitive, and economically sustainable enterprises.

    With an impressive team gains deep knowledge and high experience in hiking, trekking, climbing, caving, rafting, boating, diving, as well as cultural sightseeing which will be contributing factors to satisfy you in exploring the hidden beauties of Borneo through their comprehensible explanation unveiling your curiosity, interest, and concern for the amazing nature and culture of this magnificent island.

    When you are adventuring with Borneo Eco Trekking, you will meet the travel experts who can tailor made your itinerary to suite what necessary exactly. Their first hand experience and knowledge provide you the detail and accurate advice or determination to ensure your safety and satisfaction as well as the impact to environment. No one knows and cares an Island more than the Islanders.


    Pakumpayan 26, RT.03
    Angkinang, Hulu Sungai Selatan
    South Borneo-Indonesia
    Phone/fax: 00-62-517-5516064
    Mobile: 00-62-813-495-45-994
    Email: info@borneo-ecotrekking.com

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