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    Ternate Sultanate Palace, North Maluku

    Ternate Sultanate Palace is situated on the coastal plains in the village of Soa-Sio, village Letter C, Municipality of Ternate, North Maluku Province. The interior design of the palace filled with gold decoration. In the living room there are relics of the inside of clothing from a luxurious gold thread embroidery, jewelry, jewelry of gold and a giant necklace of pure gold, crowns, kelad shoulder, kelad arms, studs, earrings, rings, and bracelets are almost all made of gold.
    This is an indicator that the Sultanate of Ternate had experienced heyday. In addition, these magnificent palace also store, maintain and exhibit the heirlooms of the empire, such as weapons (guns, small cannons, bullets round, spear, sword and shield), iron clothes, royal clothing, hats of war , household tools, and ancient texts (the Qur'an, edict, and letters of agreement).

    By visiting this castle, tourists can record the history of the golden age of the Sultanate of Ternate when it became the center of power which holds the territories who had mastered in the past. Not far from the palace, there are stalls that sell souvenirs and food such as typical of North Maluku, papeda (sago), crab almonds, walnuts halua, bagea, as well as processed fish, such as fish, fufu (smoked fish) and fish gohu.

    Location of Ternate Sultanate Palace not far from downtown, so that tourists can ride public transportation in the form of Suzuki Carry Travelers can also use a taxi service that has been in operation since late 2005.


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