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    Sultan Ternate Mosque, North Maluku

    Ternate Sultan Mosque is located at visit Sultan Khairun region, village of Soa Sio, District of North Ternate, Ternate, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. In contrast to the mosque in general, the Mosque of Sultan Ternate called Sigi Lamo also known for unique because it has customary rules are strict, such as wearing gloves or a mandatory ban on wearing long pants for the congregation, the obligation to wear a head covering (cap), and the prohibition for women to worship in this mosque.
    Various rules are said to have originated from the wisdom of the ancestors (called Doro Bololo, Theorem Tifa, and the argument Moro), which is still adhered to by the people of Ternate, particularly in environments kedaton.

    According to Imam Mosque Sultan of Ternate, who holds Jou Kalem or Kadhi, these prohibitions have a strong basic rules. Since the first, the mosque has become one of the places that are considered sacred and must be respected by the people of Ternate. Prohibition womenfolk to worship at the mosque is based on the reasons for maintaining the sanctity of mosques, places of worship that is so protected from accidental woman who had suddenly come month (menstruation). In addition, the presence of women suspected to also be split absorption in the running of worship in this mosque.

    While the ban for the pilgrims who wear gloves or clothing are based on reasons like that is Sufism. According to their beliefs, male foot position when praying by wearing trousers showed the letter Alif Lam significant inverse two sentences creed. It is a symbol that the person has been admitted to the Oneness of Allah and Muhammad as his messenger, so that body and soul are ready to practice their religion prayer. Therefore, every man who will carry out compulsory religious service wore trousers.
    To curb these customary rules, each came time to pray, Balakusu (mosque guards) will be watching every person who wanted to enter the mosque. If there are pilgrims who wear gloves, it will be reprimanded and ordered to replace with a pair of pants. If not, then pilgrims are advised to pray elsewhere. Not only must wear pants, the pilgrims also required to wear a head covering or skullcap. This is for the pilgrims are not disturbed by the strands of hair when he was performing prayers. Various rules apply indiscriminately, so that must be obeyed by the whole society, including the sultan and his relatives.

    In addition to these unique rules, various religious rituals were held by the sultanate also add to the attraction for this mosque. One tradition that every year was held at Masjid Sultan of Ternate is the Night Qunut who falls every night of the 16th month of Ramadan. In this tradition, the sultan and his relatives aided by Bobato Hereafter (imperial religious council) held a special ritual that is Kolano Uci Sabea, which means falling Sultan to the mosque to pray and pray. The strict regulation of worship in the Mosque of Sultan Ternate make prospective tourists might nevertheless enjoy the absorption of worship in this mosque. However, the takmir mosque itself has facilitated the pilgrims who do not carry fez cap by providing tens of different sizes to be lent to the pilgrims.

    If you have a long enough time to enjoy the charm of historical, cultural, and natural Ternate not have to worry about supporting facilities in the city. Because, in the city of Ternate has completed a variety of lodging, restaurants, shopping centers, and telecommunication facilities such as stalls Telkom and others.

    Ternate is the capital city while the North Maluku province. In this city, tourists can travel air travel from Ambon, Manado, Makassar, and from Sorong Airport Babullah Sultan of Ternate. In addition to the air path, visitors can also take advantage of cruise ships docked at Port Pelni A. Yani Ternate. In addition to port A. Yani, there were two other ports in the city of Ternate who serve Ferry landing ship, the Port and Harbour Ferry Bastiong. From the airport or seaport, tourists can take advantage of public transportation or taxi to visit the region Mosque Sultan of Ternate.

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