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    Malimbu Hill, Lombok

    Hill which became the leading tourist area is located in West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia . This hill is located in a single row of Senggigi coast. Malimbu is a plateau which is a continuation of Senggigi beach area. That said, the name comes from the name Malimbu popular tourist areas in America, Malibu. However, because the tongue of local people are not familiar with the name, the name was changed to Malimbu. In the presence of this plateau stretches of white sand beach which is just as beautiful as other beaches on the island of Lombok. Usually, the tourists will pass through this area if you want to travel to the area Gili.

    Malimbu hill is a very beautiful place with stunning scenery and open nature where visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunsets with views of Mount Agung in Bali and row-Gili Gili (islands) in the northern part of Lombok Island . This is the most impressive location for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Lombok island, especially in the afternoon.

    Natural beauty and stunning scenery make the Mount Malimbu as an ideal location for photographers to hone his abilities. Many foreign and local tourists who come only to immortalize the beauty of the hill which still maintained the authenticity of this. From the hills Malimbu, landscape offered quite diverse, ranging from the blue coast, crashing waves, the atmosphere of the sunset, the green mountains, until a row of small islands. In addition, there are many monkeys roam in this area. This is because there were so many big trees standing solidly in the area Malimbu.

    To stop and enjoy the atmosphere of this tourist sites, tourists need not pay a penny.

    In the vicinity of Malimbu, there are not many inns or restaurants that serve the needs of travelers. Therefore, if you plan on coming to this location, it is advisable to bring their own food. Many small cabins for rent as a place to eat lunch while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

    To reach this location, tourists took 30 minutes from downtown Mataram. There is no public transportation directly to this location.

    Source: bestindonesiaislands.com



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    Malimbu Hill, Lombok Map

    Malimbu Hill, Lombok Video

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