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    Mayura Water Park, Lombok

    This park is located in the central business district, precisely in Cakranagera District, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Visiting the West Nusa Tenggara Province will be more complete if you took a stop at the Mayura Water Park. Mayura is a unique and distinctive blend of the concept of parks, pools and temple worship. The building is still thick with shades of Bali, Java and Lombok was built at a time when the kingdom was still in power on the island of Bali, Lombok , precisely in the year 1744 AD by King A.A. Made Karangasem.
    This building was originally named the Garden Palace Kelepug. The name was taken from the sound that emerged (kelepug-kelepug) because of the swift water discharged from springs in the middle of the pond in the park.

    This historic building offers a combination of atmosphere between natural feel, the atmosphere of religious and historical. When you enter this location, the first impression that emerges is the impression the building is able to bring peace park natural. The palace is equipped with a pool, arranged in such a way that looks like a beautiful garden. In the middle of the pond stood a building called "Bale Kambang". Some call dyke (in local language means small island) because of its presence in the middle of a pool that resembles a small island in the middle of the ocean. In the complex has a lot of mangosteen trees are found neatly lined up that add air coolness of air in the park. If you're lucky, a tour guide will allow you to pick some fruit mangosteen.

    Some buildings are characterized by the combination of Balinese and Javanese influences and Lombok makes Mayura very nuanced religious. In fact, according to park rangers, the main spirit of this park is a temple located in the upstream pond. However, because the extent of the park, a row of mangosteen trees, pond width and location of the temple which is at the tip, making the temple is always missing from the attention of visitors. Temple is still using the old name "Kelepug" to remind the real name of this location. In some special rituals, the temple is still functioned as a place of worship of the gods.

    If you visit this site, you will be accompanied by a guide that a lot of things talked about the history of Mayura. Among the interesting thing in the history of development of some parts of this park is a stone faced man of West Asia.

    Source: bestindonesiaislands.com


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    Mayura Water Park, Lombok

    Mayura Water Park, Lombok Video

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