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    G-Land - East Java : The Most Incredible Surf Spot in The World

    G-Land (Grajagan) is one of the most incredible surf spot in the world. Itís a very special surfing spot for all surfers side of scenery and beauty of primitive jungle. Located in deep inside the lowland tropical rain forest of the Alas Purwo National Park, the G-Land Surf Camp hold the premier location on the famous point of Plengkung (G-Land).

    Whilst having arguably one of the best waves in the world, G-land also has a large variety of right and left hander reef breaks and miles of untouched white beaches suited to all levels of surfing.

    Founded by Bill Boyum then managed by Raymond and PT. Wanawisata Alamhayati, formerly called G-Spot Surf Camp, The G-land Surf Camp is the original and most famous surf camp with a bungalow style accommodation and comfortable bar available. Throughout every off season, we have continued to carry out major renovations, and now proudly to present to you a modern, comfortable and best value for money surf camp.

    Source : g-landsurfcamp.com


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    Photo by: facebook.com

    Photo by: surabaya-metropolis.com

    Photo by: keripikgobyos.blogspot.com

    Photo by: arsip-kaskus-lounge.blogspot.com

    G-Land Map

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