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    Lombok Kosaido Golf Club

    The course was masterfully designed by Peter Thompson, Michael Wolveridge & Perrett with a design philosophy deeply respecting the natural on-site countours of the land. The 18-holes championship course offers a unique, challenging and world-class experience for golfer of all levels. The golf course site has a serene atmosphere.

    The fairway landform is gently undulating, mild breezes come off the sea and dappled shade from the palm leaf canopy overhead completes the pleasent environment.

    Greens are generous in size and smoothly undulating. Around the course there are numerous bunkers of various depth, size and shape, strategically places to test all golfers. Hole 1-9 facing the sea side include the signature No. 4 hole adjacent to the white sandy beach.

    Hole 10-18 facing the Mountains and include the No. 12, our largest hole on the course with a handicap of 1.


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    Lombok Kosaido Golf Club Map

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