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    Museum of Sai Bumi Ruwa Jurai

    Museum Lampung is one of the historical tours which can be used as a means of education, research and recreation. Located in Jalan Z.A. Pagaralam 5 kilometers to the north Cape Coral city center and just 400 meters from the bus terminal Rajabasa.

    Built on a land area of ​​17 010 m2. Collections can be found are objects of art works, ceramics and china from siam country at the ming dynasty, ancient seals and currency in the Dutch colonial period, etc.. Kolksi collection amounted to 2893 pieces include objects of geological, biological, ethnographic, archaeological, and others.

    One type of collection that deals with culture is a collection etnografika Lampung, the classification of this kind collection includes all the objects that show how to manufacture and use of certain ethnic characteristics.

    The museum opened every day except Monday and the great days.

    photo: travel2leisure.com

    photo: koprol.zenfs.com

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    It maybe one place I will visit when I am in indo

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    War museum is very good to visit

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