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    Labuhan Jukung Beach, Lampung

    If you have a hobby to enjoy the beautiful beach day trips there's nothing wrong if you visit the beach Jukung harbor city located in West Lampung regency Krui, Lampung Province.

    The beauty of the beaches located in the area is not less beautiful with the beach located in other tourist areas like Sanur beach in Bali or Pangandaran beach in West Java.

    Attractions within about 250 kilometers from the city of Bandar Lampung has a charming atmosphere of the beach, combined with the natural touch of the South Bukit Barisan National Park across from adding to the charm of stunning natural. This attraction is located very strategically located on the shores of Sumatra Road, West Cross.

    Because of its location on the edge of this path, then no wonder if the attraction of this beach is often visited by tourists and people who are past the beach area Labuhan Jukung to just unwind during the trip. Here you can enjoy the white sand and blue sea directly opposite the island of Pisang.

    Besides the beach tourist area is also famous for its huge waves because it is situated in the Indian Ocean. With the huge waves it would not be wrong if the beach is a good place to enjoy surfing. On this beach you can enjoy the sunset in the west.

    Reflection of the afternoon sun that blends with the blue sea stretching as if to give the feel of another color than the other and the resulting scenery was very beautiful.

    Source: id.berita.yahoo.com


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