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    Satria Mandala Museum

    Satria Mandala Museum is a museum owned by the Indonesian National Army that is located on Jl. 14-16 Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta. Satria Mandala Museum displaying various types of ground and air weapons, light and heavy, as well as other military equipment used in a variety of events and military operations carried out by the TNI in various places.

    Outside the Museum Satria Mandala on display a variety of military vehicles, ranging from a few types of jeep version of the military, army trucks, tanks, amphibious tanks, armored vehicles, cannons counterforce aircraft, rockets, until a few fighter planes. While inside the building there Satria Mandala Museum dioramas that tell the history of military development, describing his role in the struggle for Indonesian independence era and afterward.

    Source: thearoengbinangproject.com


    photos by thearoengbinangproject.com

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